I have not been in touch with Shbailat for over three years — Khasawneh

Awn Al Khasawneh
Former Prime Minister Awn Al-Khasawneh.(Photo: Wikipedia)
AMMAN — Former Prime Minister Awn Al-Khasawneh said that Laith Shbailat has not been in contact with him for three years, in response to recent remarks made by Shbailat, according to Alrai news. اضافة اعلان

“Since I left my post as prime minister ten years ago, I have avoided any discussion on social media about myself, whether criticism or praise,” said Khasawneh, adding that Shbailat’s remarks made him respond, although he prefers to stay away from this kind of argument. 

“Firstly, I have not met with, or called or received any calls from Shabailat for over three years, and secondly, I am totally aware that my national and legislative duty is to advice and give my opinion to His Majesty King Abdullah about public matters. Therefore, I do what I am doing without showing off or seeking publicity and His Majesty is completely aware of my stance.” Khasawneh said. 

Shbailat had earlier posted a series of videos on his unofficial Facebook page in which he made reference to Khasawneh.

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