Heat wave expected before Eid Al-Fitr holiday

Meteorologists expect a heat wave to pass through the Kingdom beginning on Sunday. (Photo: JNews)
AMMAN — Warm and pleasant weather is forecast for the Eid Al-Fitr holiday, Tuesday through Saturday, with temperatures dipping after a bout of hot weather forecast for Sunday through Tuesday.اضافة اعلان

Temperatures are forecast to reach a high of 28°C during the daytime and a low of 14°C at night in Amman, with most governorates across the Kingdom approaching their normal averages for this time of the year, according to Arabia Weather. 

During eid, winds are expected to reach 16–18km/h during the day and fall to 3–6km/h at night across the Kingdom.

The Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) on Saturday warned of a heat wave expected to arrive on Sunday. Temperatures are expected to be 7–8°C higher than average.

The JMD’s statement also urged citizens to avoid direct exposure to the sun and warned of low visibility in the Badia regions due to dust.  

Temperatures are forecast to reach 35°C during the day and dip to 24°C on Sunday in Amman and the northern governorates, according to the JMD. 

Aqaba will also see temperatures soar to 42°C and lows reach 28°C. Temperatures will range between 37°C and 20°C in Maan, between 36°C and 18°C in Mafraq, between 33°C and 16°C in Karak, and between 32°C and 18°C in Tafileh.

The JMD forecast scattered showers for Monday and Tuesday in the southern and eastern areas of the Kingdom and urged people to exercise caution when driving.

Highs are expected to fall slightly on Monday and Tuesday going into the eid holiday, according to the JMD. 

In Amman and the northern governorates, highs will reach 33°C during the day with nighttime lows of 22°C on Monday, while on Tuesday, temperatures are expected to range between 32°C to 20°C.

In Amman, winds will range between 8–14 km/h on Monday, and 14–18 km/h on Tuesday.  

In Aqaba, the heat wave will persist, bringing highs of 42°C and lows of 28°C on Monday, with Tuesday highs largely remaining the same. 

Temperatures are expected to range between 33°C to 18°C on Monday and Tuesday in Maan and Mafraq.

Tafileh will see temperatures between 28°C to 16°C, while highs will hit 29°C in Karak before falling to 14°C at night. 

In the southern governorates and Badia areas, winds are forecast to range between 12–22km/h on Monday, with winds picking up to 22–26km/h on Tuesday.

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