Hajj Hassan denies that Aqaba authorities intend to cooperate with Israel

Eilat Aqaba
A sweeping panorama showcases the vibrant city of Eilat and segments of Aqaba. (Photo: Unsplash)
AMMAN — Deputy chief commissioners of the Aqaba special economic zone, Hamza Al-Hajj Hassan, who recently met with an Israeli official, denied the rumors about planning a tourist resort that brings together Jordan and Israel. اضافة اعلان

He asserted, "We have sent messages to the Israeli side that statements about planning a tourist resort between Jordan and Israel are unacceptable," Saraya News reported.

Hajj Hassan, said on Thursday that around 2,200 Jordanians are working in Eilat, and that the meeting between him and the Israeli official discussed Jordanian labor in Eilat and common issues based on the peace agreement, as well as the entry of Israelis and Arabs from '48 to Jordan through the Wadi Araba border crossing.

Earlier, Hebrew media outlets spoke about a plan to develop the triangle (Eilat - Aqaba - Taba) and turn it into a global tourist resort.

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