Greater Amman Municipality prepares for winter

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has begun its repair and preparatory work in the capital to develop the city’s infrastructure in order to cope with the rains as much as possible.اضافة اعلان

Rains and floods have recently impacted various countries in Europe, notably Germany and Belgium.

These floods resulted in the destruction of buildings and homes and caused multiple deaths and injuries. 

Jordanian citizens shared their concern over the coming winter and the intensity of the rainy season on Twitter.

They discussed their concern over the rise in floods globally and called for the GAM and other municipalities in neighboring governorates to take extra caution in preparation for all possible scenarios for this upcoming winter. 

In a phone interview Jordan News, Nasser Al-Rahamneh, the GAM spokesperson, elaborated on the municipality’s winter preparations, saying: “We have worked on projects that we can consider as a strategy for the ‘hotspots’ in particular.

We used to take feedback every year and work on a solution for the next year. The instructions of the mayor were to have radical solutions for these areas.”

These projects, Rahamneh stressed, included placing a new box culvert, which would allow water to flow under the road or infrastructure to avoid flooding, smaller box culverts, improved water drainage systems, and adding more manholes around Amman.

New main culverts were placed in the Seventh Circle, Wadi Al-Tay in the Khraibet Al-Souq area, and Wadi Al-Qamar. Smaller culverts were also placed in various locations around the GAM.

Rahamneh also shared that the downtown area also received 50 percent of the planned reconstruction but they were paused due to the findings of historical monuments. 

“There was an increase in the number of manholes all over Amman,” he contended. “We have been cleaning the old rainwater drainage holes periodically since the end of the previous rainy season, and now we are working on it, but more quickly, as the rains started in Jordan.”

Rahamneh stressed that “We are well prepared, but we have to take climate change into account. ... We cannot definitively determine the percentage of our preparedness, but we have worked hard to be ready for this winter season.” 

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