Go’vt, World Bank explore imposing tolls on key roads

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AMMAN — The recently launched Economic Modernization Vision has renewed the debate about introducing tolls on main roads to help maintain them and achieve financial sustainability, Al-Mamlaka TV reported on Wednesday.اضافة اعلان

The World Bank is also studying a financing project proposed by the government for the same goal.

The aim of the initiative, called “Raising the quality of the main roads and financing it by adopting tolls for road use”, is to improve the transport infrastructure and related services, develop a strategic plan for public transport throughout Jordan, and raise the efficiency of road management.

Coinciding with the launch of this initiative, the World Bank is studying the financing of a project proposed by the government entitled “sustainable financing of roads by charging fees on users”.

According to the proposal, the initial value of the project, whose goal is to “enhance the performance of Jordan’s road network and its financial sustainability by attracting private sector investments”, may reach $225 million.

A World Bank report issued in 2019 indicated that the government is developing 14 major vital roads — 12 highways and two ring roads — with a total length of 1,379km. The proposed roads represent 18 percent of the total road network in Jordan. The project aims to integrate these roads its financial sustainability project by imposing tolls on the users.

The report suggested imposing a toll of 11 fils per kilometer on small vehicles and 22 fils per kilometer on trucks for use of these roads.

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