Gatherings and demonstrations prohibited in Jordan Valley and border areas — MOI

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Ministry of Interior confirmed on Thursday that, out of its concern for the safety of citizens and to ensure the legitimate right to express their national feelings about what is happening in Palestinian territories, calls for gatherings and demonstrations in the Jordan Valley and border areas are not allowed. The security agencies will take all necessary measures to prevent this.اضافة اعلان

The Ministry stated that the Jordan Valley and the surrounding border areas along the border with Palestine are prohibited areas for gatherings, and the Jordanian armed forces are responsible for their protection and maintaining security therein, Al Mamlaka TV reported.

The Ministry called on all political and popular forces to adhere to its statement, noting that it is mindful of its responsibilities to guarantee the right to expression in all areas of the Kingdom without compromising public property, national security, and the safety of its borders. The Ministry commended the responsibility shown by the citizens towards the security of their country, their cooperation, and their responsiveness to the issued instructions regulating public support gatherings for the resilience of the Palestinian people.

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