Former president of JMA states union funds are a national problem

Jordan Engineers Association. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Former president of the Jordan Medical Association (JMA), Ahmed Al-Armouti, emphasized the importance of sustaining the work of union funds, as they are civil society institutions that contribute to the social and security stability of society. They provide additional income to doctors upon retirement, whether they are from the public sector, university hospitals, or medical services. This helps them cope with the challenges of living expenses.اضافة اعلان

Armouti added, "I believe that the government should provide some support for these funds, while pharmaceutical companies and large corporations should also participate, rather than relying solely on social security." He confirmed that through the social security system a doctor's retirement salary after 30 years would be between JD160 and JD300, Al-Ghad reported.

Deputy head of the Jordan Engineers Association (JEA), Fawzi Masad stated that the current financial conditions of the union funds reflect the general economic situation and the decline in investment activity, with some funds lacking accurate financial and insurance studies.

Weakening syndicate
Armouti emphasized that the number of retired doctors is low, and there were large amounts available in the retirement funds that were invested in land and financial stocks, generating profits that were reinvested in the fund.

He said, "After several years, the number of those who pay their annual subscriptions to the Doctors' Association has decreased, and most of them do not commit to paying for the fund." He called for cooperation between the Ministry of Health, labor unions, and official authorities to resolve these problems in union funds.

Armouti stated, "Otherwise, the situation will remain difficult, and the fund's objectives cannot be achieved. Therefore, this is a national issue, not just a union issue."

Example of the Bar AssociationHe said that the Bar Association, for example, takes fees ranging from JD46 to JD50 from each case, which go directly to the retirement fund and are collected through the Ministry of Justice.

He considered this as indirect government support when this law was enacted for the Bar Association's retirement fund, while "the Ministry of Health refused to introduce any method to support the Doctors' Syndicate's fund," according to him.

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