Foreign Funding Reaches JD24.5M in 5 Months

Foreign Funding Reaches JD24.5M in 5 Months
Amman - Foreign funding for Jordanian associations, non-profit companies, and cooperative unions totaled approximately JD24.5 million in the first five months of 2024, supporting 146 projects approved by the cabinet.اضافة اعلان

The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation reported on Monday that 56 percent of this funding went to non-profit companies, 43.8 percent to registered associations, and 0.2 percent to cooperative societies.

Specifically, 39 non-profit companies received JD13.7 million for 48 projects, while 73 associations were granted JD10.7 million for 97 projects. The average funding per project was JD291,000 for non-profit companies and JD110,000 for associations. One cooperative society received JD52,000 for a single project.

Priority sectors for foreign funding included youth, social protection, economic development, and women’s empowerment. The youth sector led with JD6.486 million (26.5 percent), followed by social protection with JD5.461 million (22.4 percent), economic development with JD2.136 million (8.7 percent), and women’s empowerment with JD1.8 million (7.7 percent). The health, healthcare, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors received lower priority.

The United States provided the largest share of foreign funding at 43.7 percent, followed by the European Union at 10.8 percent, and Switzerland at 7.5 percent.

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