‘Fawateery’ app to enable users to request invoices, win prizes

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AMMAN — The Income and Sales Tax Department has launched the “Fawateery” mobile phones application for the purpose of promoting the habit of requesting invoices when purchasing goods or receiving services from merchants who are obliged under the law to issue them.اضافة اعلان

Tax department Director General Hussam Abu Ali told Al-Mamlaka TV on Tuesday that the application will enable anyone who buys a commodity or pays any allowance in exchange for a service to request an invoice.

He indicated that once the application is downloaded and invoices are submitted, the users may enter a raffle for prizes that will be presented every three months.

Abu Ali pointed out that invoices are of two types: those issued to companies and establishments, and needed for deduction as an acceptable expense, and those issued to individual consumers.

“What we want is to create the habit of asking for an invoice upon every purchase or service received, which is part of an integrated reform system,” Abu Ali said.

Smartphone users can download the application “Fawateery” from Google Play store or Apple’s AppStore. The user must register by entering their national number and date of birth.

Users can then upload invoices related to goods or services by photographing them using the phone camera, provided that the value of the invoice is no less than JD1.

Prizes offered include cars, cash, assets, and devices such as mobile phones, electrical and electronic devices, the value of the submitted invoice or a percentage of its value, or a subscription to services for a specific period, all of which will be announced on the department’s website.

The department also made it possible for users to report any case of non-compliance through the option available to them on the application.

The department clarified that the sellers of goods whose sales exceed JD75,000 annually, and all service providers, professionals and craftsmen whose revenues exceed JD30,000 annually, must commit to issuing invoices according to the billing regulation system.

Entities that are not obligated to issue an invoice are those whose annual sales are less than JD75,000; they include groceries, bookstores selling books and stationery, stores selling vegetables and fruits, stores selling household appliances, bakeries, popular restaurants, household businesses, and dairy stores among others.

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