FDA states farmed fish in Jordan is safe for human consumption

cages for fish farming in pond with freshwater
Sustainable Fish Farming: Freshwater Pond Cages for Enhanced Aquaculture. (Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — Director General of the Jordan Food and Drug Administration, Professor Dr. Nizar Mahmoud Mahidat, clarified that farmed fish distributed in the Kindgom are safe for human consumption. اضافة اعلان

He stated that they are bred and nourished under health supervision, without any risks that affect their quality.

Mahidat highlighted that the FDA, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture have conducted inspections with specialized inspects at several fish farms across various parts of the Kingdom to assess its quality.

They found no violations to support the rumors about fish being fed poultry waste.

Furthermore, Mahidat mentioned that as the official entity responsible for the safety, health, and quality of food in the Kingdom, the role of the administration in monitoring fish begins after they leave the farms and enter the markets where farmed fish are traded.

He noted that the regulatory teams of the administration conducted field visits and surveys of the local market, performing sensory examinations to determine the freshness and absence of any signs of corruption in the fish.

He emphasized the FDA’s commitment to collaborative work and mutual cooperation with various food-related entities to achieve common national goals, including achieving food security and preserving consumer health. 

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