Expert says climate change to cause second summer in Jordan

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AMMAN — Dr. Ahmed Mataba, a professor of geology, environment, and climate change at Hashemite University, stated that climate change has become an undeniable reality, and that the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have risen significantly. اضافة اعلان

He pointed out that this rise confirms that the atmosphere is saturated with these gases, which trap heat and prevent solar radiation from escaping back into space, Al-Rai reported. This trapping of heat causes global warming. Furthermore, this has had strong and dangerous effects on jordan’s climate.

Scientific studies emphasize a strong connection between climate change and the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events, such as floods and heatwaves.

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Rise in temperatures
He also said that the Jordan will experience a third summer extending until November 10th according to meteorological forecasts.

He described the upcoming heatwave as harsh and unprecedented, and advised people not to expose themselves to the sun between 12 PM and 4 PM, and to drink sufficient water during that period.

Mataba explained that global warming leads to an increase in sea surface temperatures by 0.5-2°C, disrupting wind patterns and atmospheric pressure.

Storm Daniel
With ongoing ocean warming and climate change, it is likely that we will see an increase in the frequency and intensity of floods in coastal regions, which are highly dependent on temperature and atmospheric humidity.

He said that storms occur four times a year in each cycle, which spans six years, and that the occurrence of Storm "Daniel" at this time was unexpected and can be attributed to elevated air and water temperatures and the presence of low-pressure systems.

Mataba stressed that the rise in ocean temperatures and the occurrence of warming events increase the presence of water vapor and moisture in the atmosphere, which leads to storms making landfall in coastal areas.

He warned of the possibility of a surge in storm activity in the Mediterranean region, which is a critical area.

He mentioned the possibility of predicting storms and avoiding their destructive effects by evacuating cities located near dams, especially in regions that depend heavily on heat and atmospheric moisture.

It is worth noting that the World Meteorological Organization has reported a significant increase in sea surface temperatures off the coast of Libya in recent decades, which enhances the formation of powerful tropical storms.

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