Energy ministry clarifies reasons for winter spike in electricity bills

(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)

AMMAN — The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources explained the reasons behind the potential increase in electricity bills for many citizens in January.

According to the ministry, the rise in winter electricity bills is expected due to a decrease in temperatures, longer periods of darkness, and higher energy consumption among subscribers, Al-Ghad News reported.

The ministry, in a Facebook post, listed six factors contributing to the increase in electricity bills during the winter months, including:

  • High use of electric (geyser) water heaters.
  • Use of electric heaters.
  • Adjusting air conditioners to high temperatures.
  • Earlier lighting usage, due to decreased daytime hours.
  • Poor home insulation.
  • Leaving lights and appliances on when not in use.
اضافة اعلان


Citizens have expressed concerns about the high and unexpected electricity bills for the month of January.

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