Director of traffic management discusses the new law

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AMMAN — Director of traffic management, Firas Al-Dweiri, mentioned that 4,336 reckless and showy driving violations have been recorded since the beginning of the year, along with 6,255 violations related to marching in convoys, and more than 95,000 violations of using mobile phones while driving. He explains that the news laws took these statistics into mind, and are designed with the safety of Jordanians in mind.اضافة اعلان

During his interview with Hala News, in which he discussed the implementation of the new traffic law, he also said that 76,675 red light violations have been recorded since the beginning of the year 2023.

Legal implications
Dweiri also explained that the new traffic law, which began its enforcement on Tuesday, September 12, has corrected some violations and increased their fines because they used to cause "traffic congestion." Some dangerous violations now carry higher fines, and fines for certain repeat offenses, like running a red light, have been doubled.

Some measures include suspending driving licenses for two months, especially in cases where accidents result in fatalities, impounding vehicles for 24 hours to 30 days, and prohibiting vehicle owners from using their vehicles.

He said that Article 42 of the amended law allows violators to object to the correctness and legality of the violation itself, not its monetary value. Courts are responsible for adjudicating these matters, and objections are subject to the judge's ruling on their validity. Therefore, there is no longer an objection to the fines or their reduction.

Human error
Dweiri said that 98.8 percent of fatal and injury-causing accidents are caused by human error.

He stated that according to a 2022 study on accident analysis, driver errors leading to traffic accidents were divided as follows: 40 percent failure to take necessary precautions while driving, 25 percent lane-changing violations, 10 percent right-of-way violations, 9 percent failure to maintain safe following distances, and 4 percent reckless handling of turns.

He stressed that using a mobile phone while driving leads to distracted driving and, consequently, traffic accidents. Using a mobile phone reduces a driver's appropriate reactions, decreases their attention, and affects their ability to make sound decisions. Studies have shown that using a mobile phone is the direct cause of every accident.

Mobile phone usage, driving blind
He said that a driver using a mobile phone at a moderate speed for just one second will drive blindly for 22 meters, and at speeds of 60-80km/h they will drive blindly for 44 meters.

He clarified that holding a mobile phone in hand while driving is considered a violation, but using an external speaker for the mobile phone (hands-free) is not considered a clear violation, and using a car's built-in speaker under safe conditions is also not considered a violation.

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