Defense circular gives more options to workers

SSC Jason
A circular issued by Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh on Monday aims to help workers and pensioners make it through the pandemic, but some say the new measure do not go far enough. (Photo: JNews)
AMMAN — Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh issued Circular No. 30 on Monday, amending Defense Order No. 24 of the year 2020, by adding a seventh article to previously issued clause number 5, and a fifth article to clause number 3.اضافة اعلان

The circulation concerns current and retired private-sector employees, and aims to provide support during the pandemic by granting optional advances to those in need, through the Social Security Cooperation (SSC). However, they need to do one thing before applying to these services.

“Provisions of the circular are only applicable to individuals who have registered to get vaccinated on It’s time to contain the pandemic, individuals who are willing to benefit have to cooperate,” Shaman Al-Majali, spokesman of the SSC told Jordan News.

As per the articles added to the circular, he explained that voluntary participants in social security programs who have not yet benefited from the Musaned (support) program are eligible for an advance payment of 8 percent of their gross salaries, divided into three monthly payments of not more than JD400 each month.

Regarding the Tamkeen Iqtisadi (economic enabling) program in clause No. 3, the circular stipulates that benefits under this program cover participants employed in the private sector, as long as they are not employed in the banking, insurance, or electricity industries.

Employees in any other establishment or sector are all covered and the exemptions are only made via a decision by the SSC director general.

This program would still benefit insured individuals whose taxable salary at their previous job did not exceed JD 1,500.

Upon request, the previously mentioned individuals in article No. 5 will be given an advance single payment as compensation equal to 8 percent of their gross taxable salaries, up to a limit of JD350 for insured Jordanians and JD200 for insured non-Jordanians.

Concerning the amended articles, Jordanian retirees, Gaza Strip citizens, and sons of Jordanian women whose income does not surpass JD700 will be given a 120 percent advance of their net salary.

The value of the advance must not exceed JD200, and has to be repaid over the course of 18 months, starting from the month following the date of the payment, at no interest.

Secondly, the SSC shall reserve up to 10 percent of the excess in the general insurance account in 2021 to finance retiree advances, calculated in compliance with administrative guidelines issued by its board of directors.

Thirdly, regarding the Estidama (sustainability) program, the benefit period has been extended until the end of December 2021, as the government distributes JD50 million to support the extension, and the SSC is obligated to bear 50 percent of the total of these sums.

Fourthly, the overall funding cap for assisting employees in the transportation and tourism sectors is JD500 per month per worker in the transport sector, and JD1,000 per month per worker in the tourism sector.

Finally, the SSC general director shall provide the guidelines required for the execution of the present circular, including the reasons for making the receipt of benefits conditional to registering for the COVID-19 vaccine.

In response to the circular, a wave of anger and disagreement stormed the SSC’s Facebook page.

“Retirees are only granted an advance that does not exceed JD200 per month, I also have to register on the vaccination platform. If that’s the case, I shall take my advance and purchase a grave with it,” said Haytham Fazzaa, a private sector retiree.

In response, Muder Bseiso, a member of the Jordanian Society of Social Security Retirees said: “The advance is optional; you can take it or leave it to people who actually need it and are willing to commit.

“I agree that the JD200 advance limit is comparatively low. The SSC should’ve made the limit JD500 for example, with this price hike, JD200 is nothing really,” he added.

“Retirees are the only people who were not affected by the pandemic and fully received their rights. Today we have the ability to provide advances and funds, tomorrow we might not possess that ability, so take advantage of it,” Majali said.