Dead Sea decreases between 1–1.5 meters annually

dead sea
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AMMAN — President of the Dead Sea Friends Association Zaid Al-Sawalqa said on Wednesday that the Dead Sea level has fallen to 437m below sea level, according to the latest readings of the association, Khaberni reported.اضافة اعلان

Drought is more severe every year, and the sea water evaporates by 1m–1.5m annually, said Sawalqa, adding, however, that there is no study confirming that the sea will completely dry up in 50 years’ time.

He added that the Israeli occupation authorities must stop controlling the Jordan River, which mainly supplies the Dead Sea.

He said that the annual amount of rainwater that is channeled through the valleys into the Dead Sea compensates for part of the water lost to evaporation.

Professor at Jordan University Faculty of Science Elias Salameh, however, said that the Dead Sea is likely to dry up completely within 60 to 70 years if the situation continues as it is, since the rainwater is not enough to make up for the water loss.

Salameh also said that the decrease of the Dead Sea water level may lead to earthquakes around the area, and stressed that the level of water goes down because of countries that exploit the sources that supply the Dead Sea, and not because of the drought.

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