Council reviews Electronic Crimes Law

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ahmed Safadi. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — On Tuesday, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ahmed Safadi, received the Council of Presidents of Professional Associations and Members of the Council, who presented their remarks on the Electronic Crimes Law for the year 2023. Members of the Council  affirmed their adoption of the demands and memoranda of the journalists' and lawyers' unions regarding the draft law, which were handed over to the Lower House Legal Committee.اضافة اعلان

Safadi stated that the House of Representatives is keen on listening to all perspectives concerning the draft law, emphasizing the leading role of unions in shaping public opinion and defending citizens' rights, Al Mamlaka TV reported.

He pointed out that the Council considers them as experienced and competent entities with significant influence in building societal awareness.

Aiming to achieve national interests
"We and the professional unions stand united, aiming to achieve national interests," he added, stressing that the Council stands with constitutionally protected freedoms. However, it is the duty today to hold accountable anyone who exceeds the law, engages in abuse, extortion, and seeks to divide society and target citizens under the pretext of freedom of opinion and expression. Hence, the need for stricter penalties against those who intentionally engage in abuse through cyberspace has become a necessity.

Mohammed Al-Ababneh, the Council of President of Professional Associations, said that the provisions in the law concerning society's protection and the prevention of extortion and abuse are positive and supported by everyone. However, the Council is keen not to infringe upon freedom of opinion and expression and called for a reconsideration of significant financial penalties. He confirmed that the Council supports the memoranda of the lawyers' and journalists' unions regarding the draft law, which were submitted to the parliamentary legal committee.

Importance of stopping intentional abuses in cyberspace
For their part, the Members of the Council emphasized the importance of stopping intentional abuses in cyberspace, welcoming the provisions in the draft law that punish offenders and attackers of individual freedoms and privacy and protect society. However, they also stressed the necessity of safeguarding public liberties and refraining from limiting freedom of opinion and expression or restricting journalistic work.

The meeting was attended by the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ahmed Al-Khalaileh, the head of the parliamentary legal committee, Ghazi Al-Zu'bi, and the deputies Omar Al-Ayasrah, Ramzi Al-Ajarmeh, Asmaa Al-Rawahnah, and Feras Al-Qudah. Also present were the council of presidents of professional associations, Mohammed Al-Ababneh, and members of the council, as well as the presidents of various professional unions: the Journalists' Union represented by Rakan Al-Sa'aida, the Lawyers' Union represented by Yahya Abu Aboud, the Nurses' Union represented by Khaled Al-Rababaa, the Dentists' Union represented by Azem Al-Qudomi, the Engineers' Union represented by Ahmed Samarah Al-Zu'bi, the Contractors' Union represented by Ayman Al-Khudairy, the Physicians' Union represented by Ziyad Al-Zu'bi, the Association of Certified Accountants represented by Hussam Rahhal, and the Secretary-General of the Union Complex, Khaldoun Al-Nasour.

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