Communications Minister says Jordan's security 'sacred'

Communications Minister says Jordan's security 'sacred'
Amman - Communications Minister Muhannad Mubaideen Tuesday said during a session of the Government Communications Forum that Jordan's stability and security are "sacred."اضافة اعلان

Mubaideen said, "We are not abandoning our Arab and Islamic tasks and roles, and Jordan's positions are honourable and its Hashemite leadership has been defending the Palestinian cause for more than a century."

He added that Jordanians have "great confidence" in the Armed Forces in upholding the Kingdom's security and sovereignty from "evil ambitions that want to destabilise our security."

Mubaideen said that Jordan working to mobilise an international position to stop the war on Gaza, deliver humanitarian and relief aid to Palestinian Gazans and de-escalate tensions in the region.

He added that Jordan's relief efforts are ongoing to support the Palestinians in the embattled enclave through airdrops and ground aid convoys.

Regarding regional tensions and escalation, Mubaideen said the government communicated to Jordanians through its statement advising people not to share safety and security news and through the Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority (CARC's) technical statement.

He added that the government is open to all media outlets and works to offer the "true story," urging Jordanians to seek official sources for information.

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