Canada vows support for Palestinian refugees during visit to Jerash camp

UNRWA delegation camp
(Photo: Handout from UNRWA)
AMMAN — Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Marc Garneau on Friday spoke with refugees and paid a visit to centers run by UNRWA in Jerash camp, according to a UNRWA statement.اضافة اعلان

He was accompanied by the Canada’s Ambassador to Jordan Donica Pottie, UNRWA Deputy Commissioner-General Leni Stenseth, and the Officer-in-Charge of UNRWA Affairs in Jordan Olaf Becker.

While at the UNRWA-run Jerash Preparatory Girls’ School, the delegation was briefed on the situation of Palestinian refugees in Jordan, specifically on the vulnerabilities of Gazan and Palestinian refugees from Syria, as well as recent developments of UNRWA operations in Jordan and across the region.

 The delegation was also briefed on the financial challenges facing the agency, the impact of COVID-19 on UNRWA operations, and strategies employed to mitigate them to ensure continued service to refugees, according to the statement.

After the walk in the camp, the delegation met with a Palestinian refugee family. They highlighted the challenges they have faced given the economic situation, which has been further impacted by COVID-19 closures, as well as the support they have received from UNRWA.

“The visit was an opportunity to hear first-hand about the challenges facing residents of Jerash camp and to speak to youth who are showing great maturity as they study towards their future careers,” Pottie said in the statement.

The statement added that Canada pledged JD2.2 million for UNRWA funding in May 2021, in addition to signing an JD8.5 million three-year pledge in 2020. 

UNRWA deputy commissioner-general, Stenseth, thanked Canada for their support to UNRWA, adding: “We deeply appreciate the strategic cooperation that UNRWA and the government of Canada have developed over the past years, which has been vital to maintaining key services and programs for Palestine refugee families and communities." 

The visit concluded with a meeting with youth studying at UNRWA vocational training centers, where students shared their personal stories, challenges with learning during the pandemic, and their future aspirations, according to the statement.