Cable Car project on schedule, Ajloun residents hopeful for its potential

Ajloun castle (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
AMMAN — Ajloun’s cable car project is going according to schedule after a delay caused by COVID-19,  said Khalaf Al-Hmeisat, the chairperson of the Jordan Free and Development Zones Group (JFDZ)اضافة اعلان

The resumption of the construction has influenced a launch of a series of small projects started by local entrepreneurs as they brace for a new reality in the area that currently has low economic activity.

In remarks to Jordan News, Hmeisat shared that all towers expected to carry the cable cars are in place, and work is underway to build the associated structures and facilities.

In a previous statement, Hmeisat said the tourism project would be fully operational in June 2022. Construction on the 2.5km, 40-cable car tourism project started in May 2021. The project will overlook Ajloun Castle and other landmarks in the mountainous town located 55km north of the capital Amman.
The take-off station will feature shops, a café, and a restaurant, in addition to four and five-star hotels and conference halls shared by Hmeisat. In addition, there are plans set to boost tourism activities in the lands surrounding the project, such as preparing the forest sites for picnics and paving tracks for equestrian activities and hiking.

Hmeisat added the project would create 50 new direct jobs. At the same time, 700 will be generated by the supporting enterprises linked to the cable car project, which an Austrian company and local contractors are implementing.

In the area, residents interviewed by Jordan News were optimistic. They hoped that the cable car project would boost the local economy and highlight Ajloun as an attractive area that would attract local and foreign tourists.

Yasser Al-Jalabneh, a shop owner, lives in an area adjacent to the location, said that locals are pinning high hopes on the project to offset the economic hardships caused by the pandemic, resulting in a high unemployment rate, especially among the youth.

Alaa Al-Zghoul, a restaurant and café owner, said more and more local investors have been encouraged to start tourism projects. Influenced by this encouragement, he decided to further invest in his own business by upgrading it to a hotel and adding swimming pools, bracing for incoming tourism to the area.

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