After Ajloun cases, ministry says no link with Jerash infections

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Health Minister Firas Al-Hawari visits Jerash public hospital on Saturday morning to check on patients, after a number of people were admitted due to suspected food or water poisoning. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN  — After an increase in the number of people admitted with suspected infections in Jerash, the emergency department of Al-Iman Hospital in Ajloun received 16 people from the town of Al-Wahadinah with similar conditions, according to Al-Ghad News. اضافة اعلان

The hospital director, Mohammad Khir Frehat, said that the cases received by the hospital included those between the ages of 6 and 13, and they have symptoms such as diarrhea, stomachaches, and vomiting.

Blood and stool samples were also taken from patients. Eight cases were discharged, two were transferred to Princess Haya Military Hospital, and six remained under surveillance at Al-Iman hospital.

Head of the Jerash Public hospital Sadiq Al-Otoum said that nine new cases had arrived at the hospital from the town of Jubbah on Friday evening and at dawn on Saturday. 

Otoum added that Health Minister Firas Al-Hawari had visited Jerash hospital on Saturday morning, checked on the patients, and directed epidemiological investigation staff to intensify inspections and take samples from the town.

Various government officials, including the assistant secretary-general of the Ministry of Health, Ghazi Sharkas, the director of communicable diseases, Ali Zitawi, and a few others, checked on the cases that have been discharged from the hospital. 

Sharkas said, during his visit with patients at Al-Iman Governmental Hospital in Ajloun Governorate, said that there was no link among the infections.

He added that teams are currently taking samples from water sources, including networks, desalination plants, homes, and household tank.

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