COVID-19 is the reason for the decline in medical tourism to the Kingdom

(Photos: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Secretary General of the Jordan Insurance Federation Fawaz Al-Ajlouni said, in statements to Al Rai newspaper, that medical tourism to Jordan was inexistent during the first year of COVID-19, because of the border closures and travel bans.اضافة اعلان

The sector picked up during the second year of the pandemic, as the countries decision to reopen, but only slightly, between 25-30 percent.

The decline is not due entirely to the pandemic, he said, mentioning competing markets, but COVID-19 is the main reason as Jordan continued to take precautionary measures, especially in the case of those coming for treatment to private hospitals, which worry that patients seeking treatment might get infected.

Epidemiology expert and former secretary-general of the Ministry ofHealth Abdul Rahman Al-Maani told Al Rai that medical tourism is an economic catalyst for Jordan that must be revitalized. Data and statistics concerning associations and bodies involved in medical tourism showed an increase during 2019 in the number of patients coming from abroad for treatment to Jordan, with their number reaching about 34,000 until July that year.

Al-Maani said that COVID-19 affected all aspects of economy, including medical tourism, which was greatly affected. He said that medical tourism in Jordan has been greatly affected, registering an 85 percent slide since the outbreak of COVID-19, even though it had created the Salamtak platform for those wishing to be hospitalized in Jordan from neighboring countries. The platform would help them register with the Ministry of Tourism and private hospitals, where the turnout was modest at the beginning; only about 650 patients came to Jordan to receive treatment.

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