Akeed records 550 rumors during 2021

(Photo: Pixabay)
AMMAN — The Jordan Media Credibility Monitor “Akeed” recorded in 2021 a total of 550 rumors, including 53 from external sources and more than 400 that originated from social media platforms and websites, according to Akeed annual report, carried by Al-Mamlaka.اضافة اعلان

The 2021 Rumors Report, released by Akeed on Saturday stated that 2021 has seen an average of 45.8 rumors per month with a decrease in the frequency of shared rumors compared to 2020, which recorded 569 rumors.
Public-domain rumors recorded the highest percentage in 2021, with a total of 169 incorrect news items, making up 31 percent of false news, followed by health rumors, at 18 percent, decreasing dramatically from 2020, when the health sector was the center of 31 percent of rumors.

The highest number of rumors was recorded in August 2021 with 80 rumors while February 2021 recorded the lowest number with 31 rumors.

According to Akeed website, a rumor is defined as “incorrect information related to Jordan’s public domain, or to Jordanian interests, and which reached more than 5,000 people, via digital media.”

In its report, Akeed stated that 415 rumors were circulated on social media, at a rate of 75.4 percent, while the number of rumors shared by mainstream media was 153 rumors, at a rate of 24.5 percent, while one rumor was instigated by official sources, 0.1percent.

In May 2021, Akeed came up with different categories related to public life in the Kingdom, dividing rumors into ones related to education, higher education, professional associations, and decisions pertaining to national holidays.

The public sector occupied the highest number of rumors with a total of 169, at a rate of 31 percent, 98 rumors in the health sector, at 18 percent, 94 rumors in the economic sector, at 17 percent, 88 rumors in the security sector, at 16 percent, 62 rumors in the political sector, at 11 percent, while social rumors recorded the lowest percentage, with 39 rumors, at 7 percent.

The report stated that 48 rumors moved from social networking sites to news sites, at a rate of 9 percent.

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