After technical error halts water pumping, residents say issue common

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A general view of a water tanker. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
AMMAN — The Jordan Water Company “Miyahuna” issued a statement on Friday on its official Facebook page announcing a technical glitch that reduced the amount of water pumped to specific areas in the city of Amman. Residents shared that this a recurring issue.اضافة اعلان

These areas included: certain elevated areas in Abdoun, Sweifieh, Dahiyat Al-Ameer Hassan, Dahiyat Al-Aqsa, Al-Khazna area behind the Queen Alia Hospital, and other parts of the Tariq area.

Dareen Sartawi, who was affected by the technical glitch, told Jordan News: “This water cut is not the first and will not be the last. Perhaps it is not a complete water cut, but it is a weakness in the water pumping system, and because of the nature of the elevated area, the water did not reach many houses in Amman.”

“This is not a problem from just this week. But we do hope that the defect is fixed and that the ministry will compensate us for the cut and not wait until there is another week without water. This forces us to buy water from other private companies, and that costs us more money,” she said.

Mohammad Nasser, who lives in an area that the Jordan Water Company did not mention, commented on the company’s statement on Facebook, saying: “The water did not reach our area either, and the reason for this is the problem of weak pumping as usual. There are some weeks when we don’t get water.”

About the state of water in Jordan, Omar Jaber, a resident, said to Jordan News: “We suffer in Jordan from water poverty, so our complaints about the lack of water will not be resolved by the government so easily due to the nature of Jordan’s climate and terrain.”

He added, “But we all know that the government has purchased approximately 50 million cubic meters of water from a neighboring country a few days ago, and accordingly we expect an improvement, no matter how small, in the per capita share of water in the near future.”

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