95% of Jordanians engage in boycotting American and foreign products

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AMMAN — The Center for Strategic Studies in Jordan recently conducted a comprehensive survey (November 13-23, 2023) with 1,200 participants, exploring Jordanian sentiments on Israel’s war on Gaza.

Key findings include:
High awareness and engagement

  • 79 percent of Jordanians closely follow events in Gaza, with primary information sources being social media (50.1 percent) and television (47.7 percent).
  • Al Jazeera dominates viewership at 69.9 percent, followed by Roya (13 percent), the Jordanian Kingdom channel (5 percent), Jordanian TV (4 percent), and Al Arabiya channel (1.8 percent).

Support for Hamas:
  • 66 percent of both national and expert samples strongly support Hamas for its October 7, 2023, attack on Israel.
اضافة اعلان

Perspectives on the conflict:

  • 37 percent believe the current Gaza confrontations will lead to a just solution, while 18 percent anticipate a repetitive cycle of war and truce.
  • Perception of genocide:
  • 72 percent of the national sample and 75 percent of experts consider "genocide" the most fitting description for the Israeli war on Gaza.
  • 91 percent do not believe Israel will displace Palestinians from Gaza to Egypt.

 Regional commitment and governance:
  • Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are seen as the most committed to defending Palestinian rights.
  • 55 percent of Jordanians prefer Hamas to continue ruling Gaza post-war, while 36 percent of experts lean towards the Palestinian Authority.

Dissatisfaction with Western stance:

  • 86 percent of Jordanians express dissatisfaction with Western countries' stance on Israel's war, with only 1 percent satisfied with the U.S. position.

Impact on Jordan:

  • Concerns about the conflict's impact on Jordan: 32 percent (Jordanians) and 52 percent (experts) on security, 40 percent (Jordanians) and 54 percent (experts) on the political situation, and 57 percent (Jordanians) and 91 percent (experts) on the economic situation.

 Economic behaviors:
  • 39 percent of Jordanians changed spending priorities due to regional circumstances.
  • 95 percent participate in boycotting American/foreign products, turning to locally made alternatives.

Boycott and support:

  • 93 percent support boycotting products from countries supportive of Israel, with 72 percent believing it won't harm the Jordanian economy.

Future political landscape:

  • Views on the conflict's outcome: 60 percent (Jordanians) and 70 percent (experts) see a two-state solution; 27 percent (Jordanians) and 29 percent (experts) think otherwise.
  • Only 23 percent (Jordanians) and 10 percent (experts) believe Israel will completely separate Gaza from the West Bank.
 Arab-Islamic summit:
  • Half of Jordanians (48 percent) and 89 percent of experts are aware of the summit in Riyadh, with dissatisfaction prevailing at 88 percent (Jordanians) and 84 percent (experts).

 UN commitments doubtful:
  • Skepticism on UN commitments: 81 percent for a binding resolution on a ceasefire, breaking the siege, condemning violations, and preventing humanitarian aid; 90 percent on stopping weapon exports to Israel; 79 percent on initiating an ICC investigation; 74 percent on stopping displacement; and 80 percent on rejecting proposals for Gaza-West Bank separation.

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