88% of Jordanians believe that societal violence is widespread in Jordan

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AMMAN — Another poll conducted by the Center for Strategic Studies and published on Wednesday showed that the vast majority of Jordanians, 88 percent, believe that societal violence is widespread in the Jordanian society, compared to only 12 percent who do not, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

The poll showed that nearly half of Jordanians, 40 percent, consider murder the most prominent form of societal violence, followed by domestic violence at 9 percent, family and group fights at 8 percent, and theft at 7 percent.

Forty-seven percent of Jordanians believe that unemployment and poverty are the most important causes of societal violence in Jordan, and 16 percent believe that the economic and living situation is the most important reason for societal violence.

According to the poll, more than half of the Jordanians, 63 percent, believe that social media deals with issues of violence and murder in a biased and exaggerated manner, without taking into account the feelings of the victims’ families. On the other hand, only under a third of Jordanians, 29 percent, believe that social media deals with violence and murder cases in a transparent and neutral manner.

Thirty-nine percent of Jordanians believe that the murder of student Iman Irsheid on the university premised, is one of the most high-profile case of violence and murder to shake the Jordanian streets during the past three months, 25 percent believe that the case of the mother who strangled her children in Sahab is the most glaring example of violence and murder, and only 8 percent believe that the father who killed his daughters in Ramtha one of the most prominent cases of violence.

The poll indicated that nearly a third of Jordanians, 36 percent, believe that women are the most vulnerable group when it comes to violence, another third, 30 percent, believes that minors are the most vulnerable, and 15 percent believe that the youth are the group most vulnerable to violence in Jordan.

The poll is part of the Jordanian Street Pulse Archives series conducted by the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan, which includes measuring Jordanians’ opinions, their knowledge about emerging issues and informing those who are not familiar with the emerging issues taking place in Jordan and the region.

The center carried out a survey of “national and regional issues” during the period between August 1 and 11 on a national sample that represents all governorates, regions, and age groups.

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