60.9% of Jordanians will not vote in coming elections

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A women voting in a municipal election in the capital Amman in 2017. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — To complete the observation of the 2022 municipal and provincial council elections, Rased Jordan Center carried out a study on the orientation of Jordanians for municipal and provincial council elections, the study had carried out from January 6–21 2022. The number of responders reached 3,116 and were distributed around the Kingdom. اضافة اعلان

The study showed that 23.3 percent of Jordanians intend to take part in the municipal elections, while 60.9 percent do not intend to participate in the upcoming elections, and those who have not yet decided on whether or not they participate have reached 15.9 percent.

As for the reasons on which respondents intended to participate, it turned out that 37 percent said it was their right as citizens that motivated them to participate, 18.6 percent said they believed their participation will evolve the path of local development, while 17 percent said that their participation was in support of a particular candidate, 22.4 percent said that their reason for participating was family or clan orientated. According to 3 percent the reason for their participation is interest linked to some of the candidates, and only 2 percent said that the reason for participation was to support a certain political current.

As for those who decided to refrain from voting; 31.7 percent of them said that none of the candidates are worthy of my vote. While 30.4 percent said they didn’t think elected councils will be effective, 20.2 percent said that they are not interested in the elections, and 16.1 percent said that their reason for not participating was that the elections will not be fair.

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