40% of engineers unemployed

5.Dana Al-Zyadat
(Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN – Chairman of Young Engineers Committee Saddam Abu Hazeem told Jordan News that according to a World Bank study, the unemployment rate among engineers reached 40 percent.اضافة اعلان

“We launch the ceremony of the Young Engineers Conference, organized by the Young Engineers Committee at the Jordan Engineers Association (JEA), to empower Jordanian engineers and create opportunities,” Abu Hazeem said Saturday, adding that “our message to engineers is to become leaders and to move out of traditional job frameworks, especially in the face of intense competition within and outside the country”.

The conference discussed themes related to external markets, start-ups, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation, and highlighted the success stories of some of the union's members.

JEA Vice-president Fawzi Masad told Jordan News that 40 percent of freshly graduated engineers are unemployed, which is a high percentage. At the same time, the overall unemployment rate in the Kingdom reached 50 percent, he said.

Masad that that is imperative to collaborate with the Ministry of Higher Education and issue a yearly report about engineering professions that are stagnating; “our latest report shows there has been stagnation in all engineering specializations”, he said, attributing this to the decline in economic growth, “which does not exceed 2 percent”.

Ministry of Higher Education Spokesperson Mohanad Al-Khatib told Jordan News that two years ago, the ministry reduced enrolment in stagnant specialties by 35 percent. The ministry encouraged universities to develop new majors to meet the labor market, such as cyber security and artificial intelligence.

Ahmad Al-Bashabsheh, who graduated from the faculty of Civil Engineering last year, said he was frustrated by the lack of job opportunities, adding that he had chosen this specialty because he believed he would have an opportunity to secure a better future for him and his family.

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