30,000 families benefit from NAF– Ministry of Social Development

Wafaa Bani Mustafa
(File photo:Jordan News)
AMMAN— On Sunday, Minister of Social Development, Wafa Bani Mustafa highlighted plans for 2024 in the Beneficiary Families Support Program that involve including 15,000 families to benefit from the National Aid Fund (NAF) and an additional 15,000 in 2025, aligning with a significant budget increase approved by the Jordanian government for the NAF. اضافة اعلان

The minister further outlined the plans including the establishment of two new shelter centers, one in Jerash and the other in Madaba, currently under construction, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

Discussing achievements in 2023, Bani Mustafa emphasized legislative updates, including the Social Development Law draft, dating back to 1956, that was sent to the Parliament for study and discussion.

The law aims to develop the ministry's future work. It focuses primarily on a significant endeavor, the professionalization of social work, empowering and developing the skills of service providers, especially for vulnerable groups like the elderly and people with disabilities.

Bani Mustafa affirmed the ministry's efforts to expand the establishment of daytime clubs for the elderly and the launch of 30 electronic services, mentioning the government's comprehensive review of the Associations Law and other regulations. Notably, the newly enacted charitable lottery system and nursery licensing regulations were emphasized.

In practical terms, the minister noted the launch of numerous important initiatives and sub-strategies, including the Protection and Care Centers strategy, receiving direct attention from HRH Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah.

She pointed out the strategy related to orphans and those lacking family support, emphasizing accomplishments in quality control and expanding post-care programs for orphans and those without family support.

Regarding electronic services, Bani Mustafa highlighted the launch of new services, reaching a total of 30, with 27 more in the final trial phase.

They are set to be launched at the beginning of 2024, bringing the total to 57 services. She also mentioned the completion of the Unified Lending Platform for eight national entities offering loans, aiming to share information with these entities to identify beneficiaries.

Noteworthy transformations included the sector's pivotal shift, particularly the launch of the Integration Platform in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship. This platform registers data for all associations under the umbrella of 14 ministries.

In terms of digital transformation, the ministry introduced new electronic services on its platform as part of the first phase to improve services and undergo digital transformation in line with the public sector's update plan and digital inclusion.

The ministry also introduced several programs and services during the year, aiming to provide support and protection to the community across all governorates.

The past year witnessed the opening of two central electronic monitoring rooms in the ministry, significantly improving the quality of supervision over housing centers and care institutions affiliated with the ministry, totaling 68 shelters.

Training programs were also launched for employees in care institutions to ensure the provision of social protection and consideration of community needs.

The ministry updated social protection programs, aligning them with royal directives to make social protection an integral part of economic and administrative development paths.

Furthermore, 106 new nurseries were registered, bringing the total number of nurseries in Jordan to 1,122.

The total number of registered associations under the Associations Registry restrictions for the ministry reached 6,583 associations.

The ministry launched an integration platform to provide data for associations and approve issuing a national number.

Additionally, various initiatives were launched within economic and social empowerment programs, with the "Strengthen Your Opportunity" initiative standing out, aiming to provide 5,000 free learning opportunities for youth in fields needed by the Jordanian job market.

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