25,000 individuals in Jordan work in food delivery

Jordan's minister of digital economy emphasizes job growth and expansion of digital services

food delivery
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AMMAN — In a recent statement, Minister of Digital Economy Ahmad Hanande confirmed that approximately 25,000 individuals are currently employed in the food delivery sector in Jordan. اضافة اعلان

Speaking on the impact of digital transformation, he emphasized that this shift has resulted in the creation of new jobs and assured the public that job reduction is not a concern.

However, he noted that this transformation will bring about new forms of job titles.

New comprehensive service centers
According to Al-Mamlaka TV, Minister Hanandeh revealed that the Ministry of Digital Economy has established a comprehensive service center in the Al-Muqabalein area, providing citizens with a convenient location to apply for digital transactions.

Furthermore, additional centers are planned to be established in Irbid, the airport, and Aqaba. The minister also highlighted the intention to create a comprehensive service center in Jerash.

Hanandeh further explained that a total of 16 comprehensive service centers will be established throughout Jordan, and the ministry is actively working on granting licenses to private companies for electronic services.

He acknowledged that 90 percent of phone users in Jordan have smartphones, enabling them to access electronic services. Additionally, the minister emphasized the importance of knowledge stations in facilitating citizens' access to these services.

Increase in schools
Addressing concerns about education, Hanandeh stressed that the government's objective is to increase the number of schools rather than close them. However, electronic learning platforms are being utilized to supplement traditional education methods.

Highlighting the progress made in digital transformation, Hanandeh praised the Greater Jerash Municipality for its exceptional citizen involvement in embracing digitalization. The minister officially launched the first phase of digital transformation for the municipality, which aims to enhance service efficiency and quality for citizens.

Currently, 19 out of 45 services offered by the municipality have undergone successful digital transformation.

Jerash’s development
Hanandeh acknowledged the significant effort invested by the Ministry of Digital Economy, as employees collaborated closely with the Jerash Municipality to execute the digital transformation project.

He assured the municipality of the ministry's readiness to provide support and necessary equipment for the completion of the project, following comprehensive studies.

Mayor Ahmad Atoum of the Greater Jerash Municipality revealed that citizens conducted approximately 1,144 digital transactions between March 8 and June 30 of this year.

Atoum highlighted the municipality's offering of 19 electronic services, encompassing a wide range of needs such as lease contract authentication, building fee installment, complaints and suggestions, and various licensing requests.

He emphasized that the digital transformation of the municipality has simplified and expedited these services, reducing the need for human intervention and improving convenience for citizens.

The ongoing commitment to job growth and the expansion of digital services demonstrates Jordan's dedication to embracing digital transformation and enhancing public services for its citizens.