10 hospitalized in suspected water poisoning in Jerash

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Thirty-seven people, mostly children, are suffering from what is suspected to be water poisoning in the village of Jubbah in Jerash on Tuesday, according to Mohammed Al-Tahan, director of the Jerash Health Directorate. Preliminary findings point to water as the cause, according to Tahan.اضافة اعلان

The director told Jordan News that the patients who reported cases are stable, that only 10 people have been admitted to hospital. Five went to Jerash Government Hospital and are still undergoing treatment, while five others went to Haya Military Hospital, two of whom have been released, while three are still receiving treatment.

He said that investigation teams are working on ascertaining the precise cause of the poisoning cases, and that the preliminary data seems to point to water poisoning, since it is the only common link between all 37. There is no other link between the patients nor did they meet at or eat at the same table or from the same source. All, however, live in the same village.

“I would say we have suspected but unconfirmed cases of poisoning, we are waiting to find out the whole truth and to know the details,” Tahan said. He said that specialized teams from the health directorate took samples of the water from the tanks of the houses in the village, and another team visited the school and took samples of the drinking water there.

“Another team visited the private water station in the village and took samples from there, while a fourth team went to the bakery and restaurants to take samples of the bread and food being sold there,” Tahan said.

Omar Al-Shraideh, head of the Bab Amman municipal committee, to which the village belongs, said that the entire case was referred to specialists at the Ministry of Health, and that as far as he knows there is still no clear cause.

Shraideh stressed that the households that have reported cases are not related in any way, nor did they eat the same meal.

Jordan News called a mother of four of the victims, a Syrian refugee who lives with her husband and children in the village. She said that her children started presenting symptoms Saturday evening, which included severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, and dizziness. “In the morning, I took my children to the hospital where they were treated. Now their condition is very good and all of the symptoms are improving,” the mother of four said.

She said she did not know what could have caused it, but thanked the medical team for treating her children. “I had a baby last week and I’m still too weak, (medical teams at) the hospital took care of me and my children,” she added.

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