Summit brings together leaders to explore transformative power of 5G

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AMMAN — The Arab Advisors Group, a leading research, analysis, and consulting services provider in the telecommunications and technology sectors, recently held its highly anticipated 5G Summit in Amman. اضافة اعلان

Held under the patronage of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, President of the Royal Scientific Society, the summit aims to serve as a platform for industry leaders, experts, and innovators to convene, collaborate, and explore the limitless possibilities of 5G technology.

Accelerating pace of 5G rollout and proactive policymaking
In her inaugural speech, Princess Sumaya acknowledged the accelerating pace of the 5G rollout and emphasized the importance of swift action to ensure synchronized policymaking and stewardship.

She highlighted the potential of 5G to contribute trillions of dollars to global economic growth and its ability to create new job opportunities, drive innovation, revolutionize healthcare and education, and transform transportation systems.

"It is essential that governments and industry, in particular, should move rapidly to synchronize the transformation in legislative frameworks and business models and to develop safeguards that might mitigate any potential risks that may arise," said the princess.

Thoughtful lifecycle planning and focus on renewable energy
The princess also emphasized the need to focus on renewable energy, recycling, and waste minimization to ensure that all aspects of the 5G revolution are underpinned by thoughtful lifecycle planning.

By integrating sustainability practices into the implementation of 5G technology, its benefits can be harnessed in a responsible and environmentally conscious manner.

The 5G Summit boasted an impressive line-up of strategic international and local partners and stakeholders.

These include Orange Jordan as the local telecom partner, TASC Towers as the infrastructure partner, Nokia as the VIP dinner partner, Mandiant as the sponsor for the 5G Challenges and Opportunities panel, Net Company and Dell Technologies as the digital transformation partners, and Eskadenia Software as the technology partner.

These collaborations aim to unlock the transformative potential of 5G technology and propel the telecommunications landscape forward.

Strong partnerships with regional and international organizations
In addition to the sponsors, the Arab Advisors Group has forged partnerships with regional and international organizations that share a common vision for the future of 5G technology. These include the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship in Jordan, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission in Jordan, the Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (Int@j), and the South Asia, Middle East, and North Africa Telecommunications Council.

The 5G Summit features keynote speeches by industry luminaries from leading telecom companies, regulatory bodies, and technology providers. These influential voices will set the stage for engaging discussions and panel sessions, enabling attendees to gain valuable insights into the potential of 5G technology. Participants will also have the opportunity to network using the Arab Advisors Group 5G Summit Networking System, which will remain active until the summit's conclusion in July 2023.

"The 5G Summit in Amman represents a significant milestone for the Arab Advisors Group and the entire telecommunications community," said Fayez Abu Awad, chief advisor to the Board at Arab Advisors

"We are honored to have the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners and sponsors for their unwavering support. We look forward to an enriching series of discussions and invaluable networking opportunities that will shape the future of 5G technology in the region."

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