Some schools halt teacher SSC pay during summer

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An empty classroom at a Jordanian school. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Some private schools temporarily halt payment of their teachers’ contribution to the Social Security Corporation (SSC), mainly when schools are off during the summer.اضافة اعلان

Haitham Al-Najdawi, director of the Central Inspection Directorate at the Ministry of Labor, said the ministry receives complaints from teachers each year over the issue.

“If the contract is ongoing, the facility must pay all wages and financial dues to employees,” Najdawi told Jordan News.

He said the teachers’ complaints are usually filed at the beginning of the scholastic year in the fall, when schools reconvene following a summer break.

“Social security subscription is a right that cannot be revoked, if the teacher returns to work in the same school after the summer vacation ends,” he said.

“Some schools believe that they can get away with deceiving the system by terminating old contracts and signing new ones at the beginning of the academic year,” he pointed out.

But he insisted that the law “protects the right of the teacher and obliges the school to pay the subscription retroactively.”

Munther Al-Sourani, the president of the Private School Owners Association, said halting teachers’ contribution to SSC, even temporarily, is in violation of the law.

“Stopping participation is against the law, and the school is obligated to pay the subscription retroactively with a fine of 30 percent,” Sourani told Jordan News.

He explained that schools could resort to such steps to make up for a temporary shortfall of revenue caused by some parents deferring, or failing to pay their children’s tuition.

Noureddine Nadim, a former spokesperson for the Jordanian Teachers’ Syndicate, outlined the technical details related to teachers’ rights.

He said laws are subject to development and modernization, but the “problem is in monitoring their implementation”. He explained that teachers can resort either to the Ministry of Education on professional and technical issues, and the Ministry of Labor for their labor rights.

“Some schools act in violation of the law, by evading it,” he said. “They fail to pay full wages, or drop the minimum wage, and some force teachers to sign receipts in exchange for clearance showing that they obtained their dues.”

“Such moves rob the teachers of their financial rights, including their subscription to social security.’’

While some schools opt for terminating contracts with teachers and reinstating them the following year, and if the new contract remains unsigned, it is considered a continuation of the old one, he explained.

He said that will obligate the school to pay for the months in which the subscription was suspended to the teacher, even if the contract wording changed.

Dana, the owner of a private school, said some schools defer payments for insurance subscriptions during the summer vacation because of the lack of guarantees that the teacher will return to work with the same school in the following academic year.

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