Some 12,000 tourists expected on low-cost flights

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AMMAN — Director General of the Jordan Tourism Board Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat told Al-Mamlaka TV that some 12,000 tourists could be expected to arrive in Jordan on low-cost flights by the end of this year.اضافة اعلان

According to Arabiyat, 67 such flights are scheduled until the end of the year, with tourists expected to spend an average of 6–7 days in the Kingdom.

Chairman of the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association Awni Kawar told Jordan News that the number forecast is reasonable, and that “the autumn tourism season will flourish this year”.

Kawar added that September, October and half of November are considered high season for this part of the world; it is also a period when domestic tourism is weak, with the exception, perhaps, of weekends, specifically in Aqaba.

Low-cost flights, Kawar said, contribute to promoting Jordan. Nearly 40 million people from around the world visit different world sites by resorting to low-cost airlines every month, and many promote Jordan as a tourist destination.

Low-cost airlines are attractive to a large segment of the world market, said Kawar.

Deputy Chairman of the Jordan Hotels Association Abdul Hakim Al-Hindi told Jordan News that “we certainly agree with the JTB estimates, as it is familiar with the tourism trend”, adding that “we hope that it (tourism) will revive the regions, especially the Golden Triangle area”.

Hindi reiterated that charter flights and low-cost aviation play an important role in supporting the tourism sector and in promoting Jordan.

Tour guide Atef Zaidan told Jordan News that the estimate of 12,000 tourists arriving on low-cost flights “is a logical number of tourists from Europe to Jordan”.

Zaidan said that reservations for the fall, which is usually a “strong tourism season” start from the middle of September until the end of November. However, he added, several factors affect tourism, like wars and political tensions in neighboring regions, or, as was recently the case, the corona pandemic,

Zaidan believes that this season will witness “full reservations at camps, hotels, resorts, and other tourist facilities”.

The entry of foreign currency into Jordan, Zaidan pointed out, is important to revitalizing the economy, and tourism is bound to have “a positive impact on many sectors, such as restaurants, hotels, transportation, tour guides, souvenir vendors, and travel offices”.

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