10,000 students who moved from private to public schools still on waiting list

(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The 2022–2023 scholastic year will start in about a week, and 10,000 students are still on waiting lists, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education for Administrative and Financial Affairs Najwa Qabilat said.

According to Qabilat, 7,500 students have moved from private to public schools so far, with the “numbers changing daily during this week”.

To accommodate those on waiting list, Qabilat said that the ministry may resort to the evening shift.

Starting August 31, Qabilat said, 1,634,582 students will start attending public schools, including those whose transfer was accepted. The Kingdom currently has 4,005 public schools.

Of these, 13 new schools, with a total of 210 classrooms, were added in July, while in December, the ministry will acquire 26 new school buildings, which will bring the total of new classrooms this academic year to 904, accommodating about 30,000 students, Qabilat said.

The ministry and its directorates in the governorates are working to secure all students in schools, and to determine which schools will operate in shifts to accommodate students on the waiting list, Qabilat added.

Director of Education in the Tafileh region Lubna Al-Hajjaj told Jordan News that the directorate is able to absorb all students this year, as each school in Tafileh has some 5 or 6 students on the waiting lists, a number which is easier to accommodate.

According to Hajjaj, Al-Nuwairi School, a new educational institution built with USAID funding, will take in students who used to attend two rented schools, and students who transferred from private schools and students on waiting lists, helping to reduce overcrowding in public schools in Tafileh.

Hajjaj said that 22,800 students have enrolled in the 90 public schools in Tafileh Governorate so far this year.

Mohammad Al-Momani, director of one of Irbid’s educational districts, told Jordan News that the number of students on waiting lists in his district changes daily. So far, about 1,100 students who moved from private to public schools this year have been accepted, and there are some 1,600 students on waiting lists.

Momani added that the directorate will exert all efforts to enroll all students who required public schools, and are included, where needed, by activating the shift system.

Irbid is the second largest city in the Kingdom. Its 208 public schools accommodate 124,000 students. اضافة اعلان



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