Local teacher turns love of art into a business

Artist Nahla Subaih
Artist Nahla Subaih is pictured in this undated photo, along with some of her works. (Photo: Handouts from Nahla Subaih)
AMMAN — Local artist Nahla Subaih has undertaken many creative endeavors. She has directed concerts, instructed dabkeh and zumba, and shared her passion for music with schoolchildren.اضافة اعلان

Subaih, who is a graduate of the Jordan Academy of Music, has a degree in graphic design from Al-Zaytouna University and briefly flirted with the idea of pursuing a career in design. However, she chose to pursue music and art, which has led her down an entirely different path.

She described her love for music, which began when she was young and would listen to her sister play the piano, as “unimaginable”, and believes that music can not only change people but change the world, describing it as “a universal language that gives soul to the universe.”

Subaih began her career in music at the Creativity Educational Schools, where she coordinated several concerts including the school’s graduation ceremony.

She also directed several educational, cultural, and religious celebrations with the goal of both providing entertainment and spreading awareness, she said, adding that she teaches her students about the history and development of music and always approaches music “as a science”.

She added that she also seeks to “create an atmosphere of joy” for her students and vows to make music one of their favorite subjects.

Subaih believes students should be immersed in different art forms, and therefore teaches dabkeh and zumba to encourage them to develop new talents.

Subaih herself also began to take an interest in a new art form during her time spent working at a school. She said she was “fascinated by the sight of teachers painting murals” and immediately wanted to get involved.

When relocating schools, Subaih took her newfound talent with her and took permission to paint the walls of the school. She painted murals that were particularly attractive for children, hoping to spread positive messages.

Eventually, Subaih started to paint on the school’s flower pots as well. Her passion for trying new things pushed her to start a small business selling flower pots.

She currently runs both an Instagram account and a Facebook page called “painted flowerpots,” where she sells her decorated pots. Subaih exercises full creative liberty in some of her work, and takes customer requests for others.

“I finally found another way to express my thoughts, experiences, and wisdom,” she said, adding that this encouraged her to establish another business called Young Women Only, where she sells products and collaborates with restaurants and cafes to organize events like dinners, bazaars, and henna paintings.

As a small business owner herself, she said that she hopes to support other small businesses by displaying and promoting their products.

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