FAO implements projects in Jordan to improve water efficiency

water tanker
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is implementing several projects in Jordan aimed at improving water efficiency and increasing water productivity in the agricultural sector.اضافة اعلان

Project coordinator Osama Al-Owaneh said that “Jordan is one of the countries that suffer from water scarcity due to the dry climate and the increase in population.”

He said that the “annual per capita share of water is less than 100 cubic meters, which is much lower than the minimum water poverty level of 500 cubic meters per year.”

Chairman of the Jordan Environmental Union Omar Shoshan said that the “excavations and storage dams were affected during rain and high heat waves, due to their weakness, which in turn contributed to the increase in drought.”

He said that “this project will increase the efficiency of water use, however, we need radical solutions to tackle water problems in Jordan, and we need to work on this matter seriously at the national level.”

Suleiman Dojan, a farmer, told Jordan News that “there is a significant drop in agriculture; as many farmers have left their farms due to the lack of permanent and high-quality water sources.”

“Previously, farmers had to desalinate or add water to improve water quality due to excessive groundwater depletion,” he added.

Dogan wondered where the dam water disappears, “especially since it is filled in the winter and evaporates later without (HIM)knowing what is happening.”

Head of Traders and Producers of Agricultural Materials Syndicate Mohammad Loay Bibars told Jordan News that “we need to work hard to prevent unjust encroachment on water sources.”

He stressed the need to work on the project of converting the King Abdullah Canal into closed pipes. “This is one of the most important projects that should be given the highest priority; as it will contribute to the provision of abundant quantities of water,” he said.

In a recent press release, FAO Representative Nabil Assaf said that it was necessary to carefully manage the existing water resources to ensure the continuity of production in all sectors, especially the agricultural sector due to its importance in achieving internal food security.

He stressed that the project is among several implemented by the FAO in Jordan. It is “a project to build resilience to climate change through improving water use efficiency in the agricultural sector, funded by the Green Climate Fund,” he said.

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