Experts caution of risks from disposing of electric car batteries

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AMMAN — An increased demand for imported hybrid and electric vehicles in the Kingdom has resulted in a noticeable rise in the need for batteries, which prompted calls by environmentalists to exercise caution when disposing of the used cells.اضافة اعلان

Hussien Al Kisswani, a climate change and energy specialist, explained the mechanism of dispensing with electric batteries, highlighting that the global protocol dictates “either to reuse them in other activities like solar heaters, or recycle them”.

“But in Jordan, we resort to discarding them in landfills like Swaqa; which is allocated for dangerous waste,” he noted.

He said that the Swaqa landfill “is not equipped to deal with damaged or expired electric car batteries, which leads to lithium leaking into the environment, and (the batteries)n may even explode, if exposed to extreme heat”.

“Jordan lacks the technical capabilities to reuse the old batteries,” he told Jordan News. He said one way is to recharge and reuse the batteries in solar heaters for household purposes, but warned of the risk of the batteries exploding, if not handled professionally.

Amman hybrid car mechanic Omar Nayef said that there is “no government control over combatting the hazards of damaged, or expired eclectic car batteries”.

He said since there are no clear guidelines to dispose of the electric batteries, mechanic shops are often puzzled how to discard them.

“The explosion risk is very low, but the leakage of Lithium and nickel is dangerous”, he told Jordan News.

Secretary-General of the Ministry of Environment Mohammad Al-Khashashneh said that there is a “mechanism for importing batteries, so that they are imported for personal use only and belong to the same vehicle in which it was imported”.

Khashashneh added that the owner of the vehicle must “submit a personal pledge to return the battery after its expiration date, so that it can be disposed of in a safe way in Swaqa landfill.”

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