Creative award ‘paves the way’ for young innovators, artists

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(Photos: Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation)
AMMAN — The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation celebrated on Saturday the winners of the 18th Abdul Hameed Shoman Creativity for Children and Youth Award (Abdeh), an arts and science prize for students across Jordan.اضافة اعلان

The award ceremony, held at the Haya Cultural Center in Amman, honored 25 winners selected from 1,928 entries.

The award categories included creative literature (essay and poetry), creative performance (music and dance), creative art (painting, sculpture, and Arabic calligraphy), and scientific innovation.

The ceremony provided entertainment through a festive carnival and literary, musical, artistic, and scientific performances.

In an interview with Jordan News, Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation CEO Valentina Kassisieh said that the Abdeh Award’s mission is to “cultivate hope and pave the way for the future”.

Kassisieh said that culture, with its many layers and creative expressions, provides a means of changing society for the better. Because of this, she noted, “we are always keen to guide young people in cultivating a passion for investing their energies appropriately.” This is the award’s driving philosophy and a key aim of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, according to Kassisieh.

The CEO highlighted the impact of participating in the award on children and youth: “It does not matter whether they win or not — for children to believe in themselves and their talents, to decide to participate and compete, is a great work worthy of praise.”

She noted that the success of the award’s winners could be attributed to their persistence and determination and the development of their talents.

The award facilitates such talent enhancement through training workshops offered to nominees following the initial selection round, according to Khaled Khreis, a member of the award’s higher committee.

These workshops, which involve learning, fun, and skill development and application, instill students with the tools they need to produce their final entries, which are then evaluated by the award’s judges according to criteria set by the higher committee.

Award winners received a certificate of appreciation, a badge bearing the award’s name and logo, a monetary prize of $1,000, and other incentive prizes based on the award categories.

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation is the Arab Bank’s arm for cultural and social responsibility. It is a non-profit cultural institution that invests in knowledge and cultural and social creativity to contribute to the advancement of societies in the Arab world through leadership, thought, literature, arts, and innovation.

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