Concerts in Aqaba play major role in revitalizing tourism — experts

Glass boats docked near the shore in Aqaba. (Photo: Flickr)
Glass boats docked near the shore in Aqaba. (Photo: Flickr)
AMMAN — An unprecedented 98 percent occupancy rate recorded in Aqaba hotels this weekend underpinned that concerts play a significant role in revitalizing the tourism activity in the southern Red Sea resort city, tourism experts argued. اضافة اعلان

Vice President of the Jordan Hotels Association Hussein Al-Hilalat told Jordan News that “the cooperation and support of the Ministry of Tourism with the Jordan Tourism Board, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority and the Jordan Hotels Association, resulted in art, cultural and sports activities, and played a major role in reinvigorating the tourism movement.”

He said that “promotional and attractive activities for domestic and foreign tourism became evident during the summer, when several events were convened, such as the Jerash Festival, Fuheis Festival, and others.”

“The role of the association is limited to revitalizing tourism by monitoring hotels through inspection tours to ascertain the level of hygiene, services provided and prices,” Hilalat explained.

He said: “There is an annual calendar of sporting, artistic and recreational activities distributed throughout the year to various regions of the Kingdom to work to stimulate the tourist movement.”

Tourism sector investor Nidal Milu Al-Ain told Jordan News that “conferences, events, and cultural and artistic activities contribute to the revival of many sectors, including hotels, restaurants and transportation.”

“The positive impact on the Kingdom’s tourism sector is crucial and evident,” he added.

Milu Al-Ain explained that hotels “serve food, and in this way, hotels contribute to supporting the food and the agricultural sectors.”

“It is obvious that the tourism impact is felt in all vital sectors”, he added.

He also noted that “the recovery of economic movement and the revitalizing of the economy are closely linked in the tourism recovery”.

Bassam Issa, an owner of a local tourism company, told Jordan News that “cultural and artistic activities attract a large percentage of tourists from inside and outside Jordan.”

According to Issa, “the average amount spent by a tourist, during his stay, ranges from JD350 to JD700 for two to three days.”

Khalil Farrayeh, spokesperson of the Aqaba Development Corporation, told Jordan News that the “recent increase in tourism’s traffic in Aqaba is due to the artistic concerts that had a significant impact on driving tourism, in addition to the sports activities that also have a positive impact on tourism.”

Farrayeh explained that “greater attention must be paid to the culture of fishing, desert and maritime sports to serve as a catalyst for encouraging local tourism of citizens periodically throughout the year”.

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