Bake My Day: The Art of Baking

(Photos: Handouts from Majd Shaheen)
AMMAN — Baking is part of culture, a skill passed down from generation to generation, and it encompasses anything from baking cookies and bread to cakes and pies and can be a lot of fun, especially when you try different recipes, but it can also be a very successful home-based business idea.اضافة اعلان

Majd Shaheen, the owner of Bake My Day, a home-based bakery based in Amman, was luckily born into a family that is passionate about baking cakes and involves creating brilliant works of art from cakes. “My sister and I have been baking since we were children, and we got our baking genes from our mother. We dedicated enough time to learning the art of baking from her,” Shaheen said.

(Photos: Handouts from Majd Shaheen)

Bake My Day was founded in 2017 and started by baking muffins and pies. “Initially, the business wasn’t successful, we had few orders, and I focused on my studies, but I never lost my passion for baking,” Shaheen said, adding that “in 2020, and during lockdown, baking became our everyday hobby, we focused on creating macarons, cakes, and mini cakes.”

Bake My Day also bakes macarons, a French cookie made from flour, egg whites, sugar, and food coloring and made with a meringue base. Their macarons are renowned for their bright colors and delicious flavors.

Shaheen said that mini cakes were a trend that was on the rise in 2020. “Many people liked the idea of mini cakes, and cake shops in Jordan have recently started to offer them,” she said.

Shaheen uses a minimalist Korean cake design aesthetic that includes muted pastel decorations with text or minimal accents such as flowers, pearls, and other decorative items. The cakes are usually made with buttercream without adding fondant icing.

(Photos: Handouts from Majd Shaheen)

“Personally, I love baking sweet things like cakes, mini cakes, and macrons. We are passionate about creating new designs,” Shaheen said.

The baker, like many business owners, faced many obstacles, such as a lack of supplies in Jordan. There are several challenges faced by wholesale bakeries which includes dealing with customers, Shaheen said, adding that people usually do not trust homemade baking.

(Photos: Handouts from Majd Shaheen)

Shaheen stressed that being on social media and having an online presence plays a big role in supporting small businesses as it is a way for people to know more about the business and the products. Consumers trust recommendations and reviews.

The owners believe that word of mouth is a better approach to bringing in new clients in addition to online advertising and promotions. Bake My Day also has a significant social media presence.

(Photos: Handouts from Majd Shaheen)

“In the future, we wish to open our own shop, but for now we are working on developing our business on social media, and building a sizeable audience base,” Shaheen said. Baking requires effort, accuracy, and passion to master, but once it is learned it can be a very satisfying activity that everyone can enjoys that adds a little sweetness to life.

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