Asian Basketball Cup to launch on Sunday

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(Photo: FIBA)
AMMAN— On Sunday, the second stage of the FIBA Asia Basketball Cup will begin at the Prince Hamza Hall in Sports City. Lebanon will play against Iran at 4pm, followed by another match between Kazakhstan and Indonesia at 7pm.اضافة اعلان

The women's national team, the Falcons, will have their first match on Monday against Indonesia at 7pm, followed by a game between Iran and Syria at 4pm.

The championship's opening ceremony will launch at 6pm on Monday, before the Falcons play their first game.

Historical participations

The only historical participation of the women's team in the Asia Cup was in 1995 in Shizuoka city, Japan, where the Falcons lost to the Philippines at 41–79, Malaysia at 38-82, Hong Kong at 45-65, and Thailand at 42-71, but they won 55-58 against Indonesia. 

The national team will once again face the Indonesian team, which it won against over 26 years ago. 

What makes the 2021 Asian Cup special is that it will welcome various teams participating for the first time in recent history. 

These teams include Syria, which has not taken part in the championship since 1986, and Iran, whose last participation in the championship was in 1974. 

Dana Fadda, a leader to the Women's Falcons

The team's manager, Faisal Nussour, and his assistant Nayef Asfour along with the coaching team, decided to grant Dana Fadda the captain badge of the national team in the Asian championship, given that she is the oldest amongst the players, and because of her leading personality and her outstanding performance. 

Fadda shared on the official website of the Jordanian Basketball Federation: "I appreciate the coaching team's confidence in me. I pray to God that I will be able to hold this responsibility in the best manner by leading the team and representing Jordan, in a way which reflects the reality of women's basketball improvement in Jordan."

 She also pointed out, "We are glad to participate in Asian Cup Championship, and we appreciate the federation's keenness to host it in Jordan and allow us to play on our land among our own audience." 

For her part, the president of the Women's Committee in the Basketball Federation, Dina Halaseh, stressed the federation's support of the coaching team's decision to assign Fadda as the national team leader.

"The Sports Channel" broadcasts the championship 

Jordan Sports T.V channel will officially broadcast the second stage finals of the Asian Cup Championship.

All the championship matches will be broadcast in accordance with the FIBA requirements, while Samer Taha, Zaid Sahouri, and Mohammed Malas were appointed as the championship's commentators. 

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