Erroneous Golden Boot award returns to Ramtha striker after 32 years

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Former Al-Ramtha team and the national team striker Khaled Al-Aqouri receives the Golden Boot award after it was erroneously awarded to a Saudi striker due to a miscalculation. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The former striker for Al-Ramtha team and the Jordanian national football team, Khaled Al-Aqouri, received his Golden Boot award for "Arab scorer" 32 years after it was erroneously awarded to the Saudi Sami Al-Jaber in 1990, on Tuesday.اضافة اعلان

The story of the erroneously awarded Golden Boot dates back to the 1989–1990 season, when the Lebanese magazine, Al-Watan, awarded the Arab scorer boot to Saudi’s Al-Hilal SFC striker Sami Al-Jaber, due to an error in counting the total goals. However, this was later discovered, and the boot was returned to Aqouri, who scored a total of 16 goals in 18 matches in that season.

Aqouri expressed his excitement at recovering his award. “Thank God,” he said in an interview with Jordan News. He also thanked the Lawyer Awni Al-Zoubi, stating “that he promised and fulfilled his promise, and now the award returned to the rightful owner.”

“The award will remain a memory and archive in the history of Jordanian football and my football career. If I had got the award at the correct time, then maybe my finances would have improved, I would have been honored in a better way, or I got opportunities to go professional abroad, but thank God for everything," he concluded.

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