The 2021 all-new Honda Jazz E-HEV

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(Photo: Mohammad Zaro / JNews)
AMMAN –– If you’re looking for a car that delivers on smart looks, offers cutting-edge hybrid technology, comes with all the “bells and whistles”, has enough space to keep a mountain bike in the back seat, and provides safety levels that would put the Swedes to shame, then look no further: Honda has the “tune” for you with the new Jazz.اضافة اعلان

The Jazz comes with a hybrid electric system based on a 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol engine and a lithium-ion battery with two electric motors. The first is a generator and the second transmits the movement to the front wheels. The total power of the system is 114hp and 253Nm of torque, accelerating from zero to 100km/h in 9 seconds, with a top speed of 180km/h.

The most important information is related to consumption. The Jazz E-HEV is one of the most fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles on the market, as it needs an average of 3.5 to 4 liters of fuel to travel 100 km. In local Jordanian terms, it can travel 550km on a 20-liter tank, and with a total fuel tank capacity of 40 liters, it can travel a distance of 1,150km. Of course, the accuracy of these numbers is subject to various driving circumstances.

The Honda Jazz E-HEV features a design that reflects its original Japanese identity: the front fascia with large lights and the Honda logo in the middle — which is blue because it is a hybrid. The glass façade is massive and panoramic, with slender A pillars only 55mm in diameter, and provides a clear and safe view for the driver.

The front headlights are LED lights with a line of daytime running lights beautifully surround them. There are chrome accents for the roof line as well as black shading for the rear glass, and black touches around add to the elegance of the symmetrical look.

(Photo: Mohammad Zaro / JNews)

From the inside, high levels of quality and a taste that rise above expected, with an attention to high-end materials that reflect the quality and precision of Japan. The Jazz has a spacious cabin with a high ceiling and comfortable seats that can accommodate five passengers. The front seats are large and comfortable even for tall people, with a design similar to Swedish furniture. All the seats are covered with a luxurious mixture of recyclable fabric and high-quality synthetic leather to ensure that the Honda Jazz is animal-free and environmentally friendly. The back seat can comfortably accommodate three passengers — or two tall ones — with wide head and shoulders space and plenty of legroom. There are rear charging points and ventilation holes, in addition to pockets for cell phones. Furthermore, the rear seats house an easy and innovative folding feature called “magic seats” that provides room for even a large bicycle.

Engine operation is done through a lit button, the steering wheel is elegant and clad in leather with buttons for controlling the audio system, communication, safety systems, cruise control and driver information screen settings. This digital screen provides all driving information, with fixed indicators on both sides displaying the fuel tank capacity and the battery charge.

The central console color touchscreen comes with the latest version of Honda's information and entertainment system and contains many applications. It comes with a wireless networking feature with Apple Car Play and via wire with Android Auto.

The Jazz is outfitted with a powerful air conditioner with control switches and a digital screen as well as seat heating. The gearbox lever comes with a B-mode note to recharge the battery using engine braking.

The most prominent strength of the new Honda Jazz E-HEV is safety. It received full marks in the Euro NCAP safety test thanks to the presence of 10 airbags and the advanced Honda Sensing system, which provides a wide range of the latest safety devices and accident-prevention measures through an advanced camera, including adaptive cruise control systems with automatic braking, a collision braking system, lane keep assist, a speed sign detection system with intelligent cruise control, auto emergency braking, and adaptive lighting.

The Honda Jazz E-HEV: An agile, advanced, and practical Japanese hybrid that provides economy, efficiency and the highest levels of safety and practicality.