Comfy Whites: Fashionable and unique wedding shoes

(Photos: Handouts from Comfy Whites)
AMMAN — Twenty-six-year-old Jordanian fashion designer, Tuleen Shegem, started working on her own business, called Comfy Whites, while studying for her master’s degree in Cyprus. اضافة اعلان

She taught herself designing skills to start a career making comfortable and unique wedding shoes.

“The idea popped into my head four years ago, but I didn’t dare start my own business,” Shegem told Jordan News. The designer said that at the time she wasn’t ready to start her own line of designer wedding shoes. But, after receiving the full support of her family and friends, she decided to follow her passion at the beginning of 2021.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdowns helped me work on designs,” Shegem said. “It started as a hobby, and I like to work with my hands,” she added. 

(Photo: Handouts from Comfy Whites)

Shegem said that the wedding shoes are so important to complete the look, but the shoes have to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. “Every girl suffers from wearing high heels, so I thought ‘why not have fashionable and comfy heels?’” she said.

A bride’s shoes are so important, they must not only be super comfy, but they must also add elegance and uniqueness to the bride’s style. The name Shegem chose for her business reflects her product line, “Comfy” denotes comfort, and “Whites” relates to weddings.

“Every girl wants to be unique in her wedding, so I started to custom make bridal and wedding shoes in different styles and colors,” Shegem said.
The designer said that social media has helped her to get more inspiration, learn more about designing skills, and know more about the equipment she was using. “I didn’t have any experience or knowledge, I taught myself all the skills I need, and at first, I had failed in creating many designs but this never stopped me, instead, I continued,” she said.

Shegem said that people in the Middle East fear customized products, and perceive the customized products as no more valuable than standard ones. “A customized product is a bit expensive compared to the standard one, however, it is unique,” she said.

The designers said that because the shoes are handmade, they are special and unique. They also require a lot of effort and time to produce, she said that it is important to put the effort into each piece.

(Photo: Handouts from Comfy Whites)

 “Customer satisfaction is important for my business, I love to know customers’ positive feedback and expressions,” Shegem said, “I enjoy every detail in the process.”

She said that she wants to grow her design line and have her own store and website. “One of my goals is to have my own shop and website, where customers will be able to see my designs much more easily,” Shegem said.

 For Comfy Whites social media was the start, and according to Shegem, social media played a big role in marketing her products, people got to know her business more through it, in addition to word of mouth. Although she receives orders on-demand or according to the seasons.

 “I love simple designs that are elegant and unique at the same time. This is my personal style,” she said. 

 Additionally, the designer said that she has faced many challenges, like fear of failure. She said that anyone who has an idea must work on it and spread it. “Much efforts must be made in order to achieve success,” she concluded.

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