‘Clean Girl Aesthetic’ : Recreating TikTok’s viral trend in Amman

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While fashion journalists have labeled the aesthetic as a repackaged form of minimalism, the Clean Girl look also draws influence from the off-duty model style, with a twist of tom-boyishness thrown in. (Photos: Twitter)
While the internet is always abuzz with new trends to try, one look that has gained particular traction in recent months is the “Clean Girl Aesthetic”. For those of us who use TikTok, the phrase is probably not unfamiliar; the minimalist and sleek style has made its way to the forefront of fashion-tok, with every It Girl trying her hand at a slicked-back bun and bushy brow.اضافة اعلان

While fashion journalists have labeled the aesthetic a repackaged form of minimalism, the Clean Girl look also draws influence from the off-duty model style, with a twist of tom-boyishness thrown in. Dewy skin, shiny hair, and paired-back outfits form the heart of the look, giving the wearer an effortlessly healthy glow that suggests she has well and truly got her life together.

If you have been looking for a new style to try out and tend to gravitate towards minimalism, then the Clean Girl look may be for you. With only a few simple steps and a few basic products, you will soon be walking the streets as Amman’s answer to Bella Hadid

When looking to adopt this style, it’s essential to get your basics right, so good skincare is a must. To nail the no-makeup makeup element of the look, it’s important to give your skin the love and attention it needs to thrive and glow without a heavy foundation base.

If you are a skincare newbie, I recommend starting with a hydrating facial spray, a hyaluronic acid serum, a simple moisturizer, and a dedicated facial SPF.

 Moisture and hydration are key to plumping and freshening up your complexion, and SPF 50 is a must to keep your skin healthy and protected from the sun, preventing premature aging and sun-induced damage.
With only a few simple steps and a few basic products, you will soon be walking the streets as Amman’s answer to Bella Hadid.
When looking to grow or refresh your skincare routine, I also recommend heading to one of the many pharmacies situated throughout Amman.

Pharmacies tend to provide a range of skincare brands — ranging from the well-known giants such as L’Oréal and Garnier, to less well-known specialist brands such as La Roche Posay and Embryolisse.

If you are willing to spend within the mid-range bracket, then La Roche Posay provides exceptional skincare for a great price — if you are averse to a multi-step regime, then their Anthelios sunscreen products frequently incorporate skincare saviors such as Niacinamide and Vitamin C, which allows you to cut down the products you use daily.

It can also be beneficial to consult a dermatologist if you are unsure about what products best suit your skin.

Once you have nailed the skincare side of things, you can move on to experimenting with makeup. While the no-makeup makeup look is always more complicated than it would first appear, it’s still fairly easy to give yourself the dewy look of a supermodel with a few simple items.

The crux of the look is a glowy base, flushed cheeks, groomed brows, and a glossy lip, so it’s essential to add some shine-inducing products to your repertoire.

I would recommend starting with a dewy primer — my favorite luxury option is the Hollywood Flawless Filter from Charlotte Tilbury; this acts as a primer-foundation hybrid that gives you an unbeatable glow.

Next up is concealer. Clean Girl enthusiasts tend to skip the foundation stage and go straight in with a lightweight concealer, placing it around the eyes, brows, nose, and cupid’s bow to give a lifted look.

There are a wealth of concealers on the market, so I would recommend sticking with your favorite and experimenting with the amount you need to create a skin-like finish.

Groomed brows, glossy lips, and a slick of mascara are equally essential to the look. For brows, using a basic eyebrow pencil can help accentuate your natural brow shape (the L’Oréal Skinny Brow Pencil is a great option), follow this with an upwards brush through with some bar soap.

For lips, a hydrating lip oil will give you an all-day shine while simultaneously providing moisturizing benefits — a current trending product is the Dior lip oil. However, this can be switched out for a more budget option of your choice.

Any mascara will do — just make sure not to go too heavy on the lashes.

The clean girl aesthetic does not solely revolve around your skincare and makeup; it also requires some considered clothing choices. As trends go, this one is well suited to Amman, as it largely consists of oversized minimalist pieces that lend well to a modest look.

The Clean Girl will often be seen sporting an oversized shirt and neutral bottoms, complimented with dainty gold jewelry and Matrix-esque sunglasses.

To expand your shirt collection, either head to the mall or a second-hand clothes shop. At the mall, shops such as Zara and Stradivarius currently carry a range of shirts in varying colors, textiles, and shapes.

If you want a more traditional oversized men’s shirt, then head to the second-hand shops on Buhturi Street or Friday Market for some great budget options. You can also pick up tomboyish jeans or smart trousers from the mall or when thrifting. Feel free to customize the look to your tastes.

If you feel you may want to give the Clean Girl Aesthetic a go, then begin by reworking your closet or pick up some basics at the aforementioned shops. If your go-to looks tend to be more on the maximalist end of the spectrum, then the Clean Girl aesthetic may not be for you. However, if you like to play around with simple, glowy, understated looks, then this trend will be one to try.

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