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Alia Bitar: An artist for whom ‘natural’ is best makeup

Alia Bitar 2
Alia Bitar (Photo: Handout from Alia Bitar)
AMMAN — Successful makeup artists are usually passionate about making one look beautiful, and color plays an important role in that endeavor. 
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Self-motivated, 24-year-old Alia Bitar distinguishes herself through her originality: no two makeup looks are alike and each of her clients get to have their custom-made look with attention paid to the smallest detail. 

Alia Bitar (Photo: Handout from Alia Bitar)

Bitar loves to make women appear dazzling for important, happy, events in their lives. Her passion for makeup began when she was just 13.

Alia Bitar (Photo: Handout from Alia Bitar)

“I was attracted to colors at a very young age, so when I discovered mascara, it unlocked a new area for me that I would never get bored of,” she said.

For seven years, till she became 20, she kept on experimenting with makeup daily, so she got a good feel for textures, colors and visual appearance. 

Alia Bitar (Photo: Handout from Alia Bitar)

“I started applying makeup for close friends and relatives, then word of mouth did its magic and spread fast, so I started getting booked without even having a page or any platform to market myself and my work. When I started getting fully booked, I decided to create a page to post all my work on. Ever since, it went on very well,” Bitar said. 

Alia Bitar (Photo: Handout from Alia Bitar)

She believes that what distinguishes her from other makeup artists is the fact that she creates natural makeup looks for her clients, which, she said, is rare these days. 

“Up to 2015, all makeup artists in the market used heavy makeup styles, and since I started posting my makeup looks, I got so many bookings from people who used to avoid going to a salon because of the heavy makeup (they would apply) and loved the natural, ‘looking like yourself’, style. Natural looks are most often the hardest to create because of having to apply makeup to achieve a look that makes you look like you do not have makeup at all,” she said.

Bitar, who majored in design and visual communication, said that her studies helped her a lot “since I knew how to communicate my brand to my target audience. Marketing a brand and creating a visual identity all served my business, really well.”

The artist, who has good relationship with her clients, considers well-known makeup artist Huda Kattan her idol, not only because of her creativity in the industry, but also “because of her closeness to her audience. She is honest with herself and her audience.”

Bitar has around 48,000 followers on her Instagram page; she admitted that social media helped her reach more people and display all her services on a platform that could reach millions of people through just clicks and pictures.
She believes that it is more than just a number, and that her followers are like a family, a community, to her.

“These are people who I share my good and bad news with, people who have become part of my ongoing journey,” she added.

Bitar’s advice to emerging artists is to put their hearts in whatever they do.
“Everything needs time and effort and, most importantly, consistency.” 

A successful makeup artist, she said, should have a welcoming personality, good listening skills, and work with the clients to enhance their facial features using makeup artistry skills, besides listening to each client’s likes and dislikes when it comes to different products.

Helping other people look good is fun and fulfilling to Bitar. Her desire is to create a memorable experience for every client that sits on her makeup chair.

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