Breaking boundaries with jewelry

Lama Hourani
Lama Hourani’s showroom in Shanghai. (Photos: Handout from Lama Hourani)
AMMAN — Lama Hourani, a Jordanian jewelry designer, has created a global niche for her brand Lama Hourani Jewelry, breaking boundaries with her unique designs. اضافة اعلان

Since she founded her brand, in 2000, Hourani has made a name for herself, and her jewelry is now known and admired in many part of the world.

Lama Hourani’s showroom in Shanghai. (Photos: Handout from Lama Hourani)

Hourani used to make her own jewelry when she was a child. “I always thought that I can reflect my taste better than anyone else, or I can make something that will stand out and be different, because it is my own creation,” Hourani told Jordan News. 

She made her first collection with rudimentary equipment in a small workshop, “It was an experiment of sorts. My main goal was to place Jordan on the world map of design, and I wanted to represent the Middle East in a way that goes beyond language end ethnic barriers,” she said.

Lama Hourani’s showroom in Shanghai. (Photos: Handout from Lama Hourani)

Hourani believes that art goes beyond cultural barriers and can speak to everyone. Jewelry making is her language, and it indeed speaks to the world at large.

Her clients are people that travel the world, independent, artistic, curious, and appreciate uniqueness.

“The minute I identified my market and my target clients, I knew the path I needed to take; my brand offers fine handmade jewelry,” said Hourani.

(Photos: Handout from Lama Hourani)

Innovation and creativity inform Hourani's designs. She has never been stagnant and refuses to be typecast, continuously designing and producing exceptional pieces.

Her brand has two lines, fine jewelry, and silver jewelry; it is present in many key department stores around the world.

(Photos: Handout from Lama Hourani)

 “The fine jewelry line was a transition in my career, and the legacy of the brand. This line is aligned with my design philosophy and is something that people can pass on,” Hourani said.

Jewelry lasts for a lifetime;  It always has a story and a memory,” she said.

When she started, there was no awareness, and handicrafts were considered outdated. Hourani wanted to connect the new generation with its history and culture. Now, she believes her jewelry “makes young students studying abroad or young girls proud of wearing the brand,” she said, adding that “it took a few years for people say that Lama Hourani represents them perfectly.”

(Photos: Handout from Lama Hourani)

It could not have been difficult for someone for whom “from the first, my mission was clear, the platform and client profile was clear, and what I wanted was clear.”

Hourani never thought of herself as only a local designer that will build a market in Jordan. “From the beginning, I always wanted to go international.”

Her desire to represent the Middle East internationally needed that she adopt the appropriate thinking about branding and the luxury market early on.

(Photos: Handout from Lama Hourani)

She creates modern, artistic, designs that she hopes will promote the Middle East through a different voice.

At the same time, she wishes to be a role model for women in the Middle East and encourage them to want to be like successful Arab designers.
Hourani launches one big collection every six months, and comes up with new pieces every three months.

“I travel the world for inspiration,” Hourani said, but she also  looks to combine the Jordanian heritage with world architecture, archeology, and prehistoric art, and that reflects in her jewelry.

To her, it “is all about celebrating our skin, celebrating emotions, and celebrating what jewelry means when it sits on the skin, and the memories that each piece holds.”

(Photos: Handout from Lama Hourani)

The designer, who currently lives in China, lived in Jordan, Italy, Thailand and France. That helped her acquire a broad understanding of a variety of different cultures and a vast international experience. Now she has showrooms in China and Jordan  and creates products in workshops in these two countries.

Wishing to help women,  she employs women with disabilities outsources to underprivileged women who she helps with training to financially empower them.

Her business model could be replicated in Jordan, but the lack of regulation regarding import and export, and lack facilitations for designers, to help them benefit and make their work easier does not support art, handcrafts or other forms of creativity, said Hourani.

(Photos: Handout from Lama Hourani)

Her hard work and creativity paid off. Her designs have been displayed in international museums and galleries, in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and North America, and can be purchased in jewelry stores all over the world.

She also got recognition from the World Economic Forum, which named her Young Global Leader in 2012 for her commitment to society via art and culture.
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