Featherlight Jewelry ­— colorful boho style

Featherlight Jewelry aims to be unique, and hopes to uplift and refresh any outfit with its distinct colors. (Photos:Handout from Nisreen Pharaon)
AMMAN ­— Nisreen Pharaon always liked to wear many bracelets, adding new ones to her wrist or changing them and putting on a new stack with a new color combination. Pharaon believes that each bracelet adds to her outfit and wrist. Her love for jewelry encouraged her to take a course on how to make jewelry and bracelets, so she started to practice making them. اضافة اعلان

Due to the positive feedback she received from her friends, she started to display her Featherlight Jewelry designs at different bazaars and exhibitions in Amman in 2013. In 2019, Pharaon launched her permanent shop in Sweifieh Village. In addition, she displays her products in two other shops in Amman, Strings Attached and Ten of a Kind, she said in an interview with Jordan News.

Founder of Featherlight Jewelry.(Photos:Handout from Nisreen Pharaon)

Her design style is called boho. It is a mix between thread, beaded bracelets and metal with a pop of colors to add funky vibes to it.

“It started as more of a summer style, but we carried on with it into winter by changing the colors. It is easier to wear and to fit it with your different outfits,” Pharaon said, adding that it is interesting to see how people choose different color combinations and styles.

She said that the boho style of jewelry is more affordable compared to other styles, as people want to keep adding to their collection without spending all their budget on one piece.

(Photos:Handout from Nisreen Pharaon)

There is a certain style of people who do not mind wearing colors regardless of their age. However, they can change the colors or mix them with other jewelry.

“I have noticed that the younger clients choose more neon and brighter colors. Mothers and grandmothers who wear them choose colors such as dark red and burnt orange,” Pharaon said.

Her products are limited so each of her clients will have a unique piece.

The designer said that what helped her attract more people to her designs and boho style was her presence in the exhibitions and bazaars where people can try her jewelry and see their beauty. She added that Instagram and the word of mouth helped her to reach more clients.

(Photos:Handout from Nisreen Pharaon)

Every now and then she launches a collection with different colors and vibes, but with the unique look and vibes of Featherlight. For example, the sea theme is a permanent fixture of her style.

She gets her inspiration from her surroundings. For instance, threads, colors and charms can influence her designing process. She said that “it starts with small things and out of them comes out a whole collection”, adding that it is always tricky to follow the trends and do what she wants to do. While she follows trends, she implements them differently.

When the shell trend emerged, she used colored shells instead of white ones and attached them to a gold necklace. She believes that when people love doing something, it will appear in their designs and pieces.

(Photos:Handout from Nisreen Pharaon)

She wants her clients to feel that their pieces are unique, that they give them a feeling of adventure as they are colorful, and that they add something refreshing to their outfits, she said.

She aims to launch her online store, as during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns she realized the importance of having one. She also wants to start selling her designs abroad, joining other platforms and increasing collaborations with other stores.

Meanwhile, Pharaon collaborated with a candle maker, offering a joint package whereby the client can buy both candles and her jewelry. 

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