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Israel takes revenge on the Palestinians

Maher Abu Tair
Maher Abu Tair (Photo: Jordan News)
There are two things Israel seems to be doing these days without fail. The first is allowing fanatics to break into the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the second is carrying out waves of arrests across the Palestinian Territories.اضافة اعلان

This indicates that after the events of last Ramadan, Israel has fallen back into its old habits with the intention of sending the message that it can still sustain its existing policies, especially when the number of detainees spikes to the thousands, despite overarching Palestinian anger.

By doing so, Israel hopes to both take vengeance and scare the Palestinians away from protesting again, under any circumstances; but it also sends a clear message that it can no longer control them to the same degree that it once did.

Nothing is more indicative of the occupation’s oppressive nature than arresting only Palestinians, even though Israeli zealots were the first to assault Palestinian homes and shops in Israel. But we never read of a single arrest of an Israeli, and often find Israel boasting about being a democratic state where the rule of law applies to all.

Israel has also been persistent with its policy on Al-Aqsa, as it attempts to recover from the humiliation it recently suffered, sending the message that it does not fear the Palestinian people’s reaction and that it will continue allowing its fanatics to enter the mosque as it did before Ramadan. Here, Israel is counting on the presence of smaller crowds of Palestinians at Al-Haram Al-Sharif since it is no longer Ramadan, but that is an inaccurate assessment.

It is not strange for Israel to have a revenge plan after recent events, specifically after realizing that every attempt to “Israelize” Palestinians in Israel has failed and that the Palestinian identity could never lose to an Israeli one. The continued discrimination, oppression, and condescension against Palestinians proves that having Israeli citizenship does not make you one of them.

This suggests that Israel will place Arab-Israelis under immense pressure soon, seeking revenge by all means, most notably the continued arrests of thousands of young Arab-Israeli youth.

According to analysts and experts the relative calm that now holds sway is very fragile and things may become heated once more, especially when accounting for the rejuvenation of the Palestinian spirit that stood united against the threat that faced the Al-Aqsa mosque, breaking down all moral and geographical divides that Israel has been putting up throughout seven decades of occupation.

Israel fails to understand that its most recent aggressions have resulted in a major transformation that cannot be reversed through arrests and continued break-ins into Al-Aqsa, with the hope of subjugating the Palestinians into tolerating the occupation at the holy sites that are of great significance to Arabs and Muslims alike.

The bottom line remains: All indicators point to a single outcome, which is the end of this period of calm, which will not last long and may bring about unforeseen repercussions.

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