Gaza: unlike a horror movie; this has no ending

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The ongoing conflict in Gaza and the Israeli occupation is an unending horror, much like an eternal Halloween nightmare for the civilians trapped in the turmoil. This year, I find myself unable to write or discuss Halloween movies, which I typically review, as I am living through and watching one of the most significant horror stories the world has ever witnessed, and it has no conclusion in sight. اضافة اعلان

Similar to the predictability of horror films, the conflict's scenes have become tragically routine, but the longer it persists, the more unimaginable and unpredictable it becomes.

Relentless nightmare: Gaza's situation unfolds like a perpetual horror story, akin to an everlasting Halloween, marked by the regular occurrence of shelling, destruction, and loss of life - chilling norms in this ongoing conflict.

Despair and uncertainty: Families in these war-torn zones exist in a constant state of despair and uncertainty, much like wandering through dark alleys of fear, unsure of what lurks ahead.

Echoes of atrocities: Resonating like ghostly whispers, allegations of war crimes and human rights violations cast a haunting shadow over these conflict areas.

Atmosphere of collective Fear: Similar to the eerie ambiance of Halloween, the conflict perpetuates collective fear, creating an atmosphere where safety is but a distant dream.

Critical need for resolution: Just as a Halloween nightmare eventually fades; an urgent resolution is imperative to end this harrowing conflict. International intervention and collective efforts are vital to halt this live horror, ensure accountability, and provide essential aid to those affected.

The conflict underscores the profound human toll of war, necessitating immediate international intervention to prevent further escalation. Accusations of war crimes and human rights violations against the civilian population in Gaza highlight the gravity of the situation.

Israel's actions, such as the blockade, use of substances like white phosphorus, and attacks on hospitals, have exacerbated the crisis, endangered lives and violating international law. Evacuation orders resulting in massive displacement have been condemned as forced transfers, constituting war crimes.

Despite widespread condemnation, international efforts to stop the violence and ensure humanitarian aid for Gaza have faced significant challenges. This underscores the need for prompt and robust action to enforce accountability and provide crucial aid.

I wish, like many horror movies I've seen, I could simply close my eyes and the scene would be over. But unlike a horror movie, Gaza is not something we can shut our eyes to or wish away. It is an enduring reminder of the horrors we, as humans, inflict upon one another.

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